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Twitter For Business – All You Need To Know!

With approximately 190 million unique visitors using Twitter every month and 2.1 billion Twitter search engine queries every day*, you would be crazy not to enhance your presence on this hugely popular Social Network.

Here are some interesting business facts and stats about Twitter that are worth checking out**:twitter-icon

  • 33% of Twitter users follow a brand
  • 79% of Twitter users are more likely to recommend brand they follow
  • 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow
  • 85% of people say they feel more connected to the business after they follow them

What Are The Keys To Twitter Success?

‘Key’ word research – Identifying the most relevant keywords to your audience will allow you to tap into topics that they are interested in. In addition, content with keywords has a greater chance of capturing their attention and interest.

Keep a watch on terms which are ‘trending’: These terms allow you to capture what is important to users right now!

Craft your tweets carefully. This means that you need to send the right tweet in the right language at the right time. Here are a few things to consider when writing your tweets:

  • Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends according to Dan Zarrella’s research so make sure you tweet on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • When we look at what’s the best time of day to post, re-tweets have been shown to be highest around 5pm. For clicks, the best times seem to be around noon and 6pm.
  • Post tweets with image links as they get twice the engagement rate of those without.
  • Include links, as tweets that include links are 86% more likely to be re-tweeted.
  • Write tweets that have fewer than 100 characters as they get 17% more engagement.
  • Make use of hashtags as tweets with hashtags get double the engagement of those without.
  • Your tweets are 12 times more likely to be re-tweeted if you ask for it. This rises to 23 time more likely if you use the full word “re-tweet” rather than an abbreviation such as “RT”.

For more on this story please check out the following article – 6 Sites Other Than Google That You Need To Rank On

*Source – http://www.quicksprout.com/2013/12/06/how-to-increase-your-twitter-engagement-by-324/?display=wide

**Source – http://www.statisticbrain.com/twitter-statistics/

Further Information

If you’d like to speak to use regarding how we can help you to use social media channels to grow your company, give us a call on 01883 372488 or contact us via Facebook and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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Good with social media? If so, we want you!

Social Media Manager

social media

We are always on the look-out for top class people to join our growing team.

We are now looking for another Social Media Manager to create social media content on our key client’s social media channels.
At the heart of the role is social media content writing, creating and implementing social copy-writing for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.
You will be collaborating with editors, SEO Managers and the clients directly to deliver interesting editorial content on social media that resonates with their audience, and represents the client’s tone of voice. This is a good time to join as you will play a crucial part in the success of the social media content strategy for our clients. To be considered for this position, please demonstrate your relevant skills including:

*Social media content writing/copy-writing for various industries
*Understanding of agency dynamics
*Knowledge of social media campaigns for high profile clients

This position is likely freelance but possibly an employed basis.  You will have the option to work remotely too.

If you are interested and can demonstrate the above please contact ant@footprint.co.uk 

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Facebook to take on Google?

Facebook’s 10-year plan involves taking on the world’s largest (and most successful) search engine.

Clash of the titans, or a one-horse race?

Clash of the titans, or a one-horse race?

You heard correctly. In Facebook‘s Q4 2013 Earnings Conference Call (the transcript of which can be read here), Mark Zuckerberg outlined their plans to expand Facebook’s remit to include a comprehensive search function, one that would rival Google – the search engine that’s practically singlehandedly ruling the internet.

In his speech, he outlined 3 key areas that, he believes, would drive the success of this venture. These being:

  • Facebook has a bigger “index” of data on hand than any other search engine.
  • Facebook’s artificial intelligence unit is working to make that data available through Graph Search, Facebook’s search engine.
  • The final product will be rolled out on mobile devices so that people can ask Facebook for advice and solve their problems using voice recognition on their phones.

He’s anticipated that the final product will be rolled out over the next decade.

The idea was revealed after Zuckerberg was asked about Facebook’s Graph Search function (which hasn’t been particularly well-received, mostly due to the fact it’s not particularly easy to use).

His actual response was:

“So the first release [of Graph Search] indexed more than a trillion connections between all the people and interests and events and groups and things that everyone was connected to. The second release that we did recently was around all the updates. So there are more than a trillion status updates and unstructured text posts and photos and pieces of content that people have shared over the past 10 years, and indexing that was a really big deal, because as the number of people on the team who have worked on web search engines in the past have told me, a trillion pieces of content is more than the index in any web search engine.”

As you can see, a lot of it is open to interpretation – is Zuckerberg purposefully trash-talking Google’s “key-word only” results; what is he actually including when he refers to the “index” (if he’s including actual web pages, then Google might feel that THEY have the larger index)?

It’s a huge vision. Although, judging by Facebook’s stratospheric success in the past and the fact they are funding the introduction of reliable internet connections in the developing world, it’s pretty in line with how the Facebook team plan things. Think big.

But, how successful will it be, for Facebook to take on Google? There’s no doubt Google will have their own expansion plans, in order to retain their place at the top of the search engine charts. But, while they further mine the realms of ranking and internet “quality control”, will that leave a gap in the market for a more intuitive and holistic search function? Only time will tell.

Watch this space!


Further Information

Footprint Web Design have been at the forefront of web design and SEO for 18 years. Contact us for advice on how to get your business noticed online – we have packages to suit all business sizes and budgets.


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What The #### is a Hashtag?

You’ll have seen them everywhere, but what do they mean? Are they actually useful, or are they just  a fad that’ll be forgotten in  6 months’ time?

The hashtag was born out of Twitter, but its success has seen it now inhabit FacebookGoogle+Instagram and other social media sites. It’s even entered our vocal parlance, but why?

Very simply, using a hashtag before a key word of phrase allows it to be highlighted as a topic of discussion. When used wisely, they can open up new areas of potential clients. More and more people are turning to social media to research any number of things (from finding a new job, to finding a plumber) and these hashtags become keyword searches.

Adding appropriate hashtags to your status updates will enable people to find you. Although, it is important to remember you can only use letters and numbers, no punctuation marks will be recognised.


The above picture shows how using multiple hashtags (industry: “#jobsuk” and geography: “#oxted”) can open you up to multiple searches. HOWEVER, it is important to remember “less is more”; littering your post with irrelevant hashtags can actually have a harmful effect. It looks unprofessional and readers will generally be mistrustful of clicking links.

If you’re unsure, using just 1 or 2 on the most relevant words will be the most effective:


“Looking for a #plumber in #Woking? DM us now for a professional quote”

Also, most social media sites have daily lists of the most popularly used hashtags – are any of these relevant? If so, use them?

Can’t find anything relevant? Make your own and encourage your followers to use it – it will draw new users in every day.


“RT your feedback using #wokingplumbers for your chance to win!”


Further Information

Footprint specialise in creating bespoke websites designed to help take your business to another level. If you’d like to speak to us regarding any of our services, give us a call on 01883 372488 or contact us via Facebook and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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