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A Warning About Data Risks

The BBC has reported that Google is proposing to warn people their data is can be at risk when visiting websites which do not use the “HTTPS” system.

Many sites have adopted the secure version of the basic web protocol to help safeguard data.

The proposal was made by the Google developers working on the search firm’s Chrome browser.

Causing Confusion?

Security experts broadly welcomed the proposal but said it could cause confusion initially.

The proposal to mark HTTP connections as non-secure was made in a message posted to the Chrome development website by Google engineers working on the firm’s A Warning About Data Risksbrowser.

If implemented, the developers wrote, the change would mean that a warning would pop-up when people visited a site that used only HTTP to notify them that such a connection “provides no data security”.

How Does This Work?

HTTPS uses well-established cryptographic systems to scramble data as it travels from a user’s computer to a website and back again.

The team said warnings were needed because it was known that cyber thieves and government agencies were abusing insecure connections to steal data or spy on people.

Rik Ferguson, a senior analyst at security firm Trend Micro, said warning people when they were using an insecure connection was “a good idea“.

“People seem to make the assumption that communications such as HTTP and email are private to a degree when exactly the opposite is the case,” he said.

Letting people know when their connection to a website is insecure could drive sites to adopt more secure protocols, he said.

A Major Shift is Needed

Currently only about 33% of websites use HTTPS, according to statistics gathered by the Trustworthy Internet Movement which monitors the way sites use more secure browsing technologies.

The Google proposal was also floated on discussion boards for other browsers and received guarded support from the Mozilla team behind the Firefox browser and those involved with Opera.

Many large websites and services, including Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook and GMail, already use HTTPS by default.

For more on this story, please visit – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-30505970


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The Footprint Guide To Attracting Visitors To Your Website

Did you know that as many as ‘78% of all mobile searches related to local business information result in a purchase?*

To make sure that you can tap into these potential sales, now is the perfect time to update your old website.

Below we have outlined our 3 step guide to attracting more web visitors.

Step No. 1 – Choose a Clean Web Design

For any business, maximising your conversion rate and establishing contact with your customers is a hugely important part of your online venture.The Footprint Guide To Attracting Visitors To Your Website

The design of your site is crucial if you are going to make the user experience as easy as possible. All websites designed by the Footprint Web Design team will be created with the user experience at the forefront of our mind.

We will avoid unnecessary items that will make it harder for your audience to find what they are looking for whilst avoiding placing important information in graphics and on pictures, since search engines can’t read them.

Step No. 2 – Ensure You Are Mobile Ready

Whilst having a website optimised for display on a mobile phone may have been considered to be an added bonus for many businesses throughout the UK, a change in policy by Google in regards to how they display search results when viewed through a mobile device could leave you lagging behind your competitors if your website is not mobile optimised.

Intricate desktop designs are unlikely to work as well on the small screen as they will on a pc and the functionality may also decrease.  Our minimalist and tailored ‘mobile ready’ designs are absolutely perfect for targeting visitors via their mobile device mobile device visitors.

Step No. 3 – Implement SEO Techniques

Obtaining good search rankings are absolutely essential if you wish to draw as many visitors to your website as possible.

Search engines have been designed specifically to help guide people to the most appropriate websites based on the terms that are being searched for (your potential customers). If your site cannot be located by search engines or your content cannot be put into their databases, there is every chance that you will miss out on a tremendous amount of business.

We have been providing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for business services for a number of years, and really understand what it takes to get your website to the top of the search rankings. We have SEO packages to suit all business sizes and can tailor a programme for your specific needs. Click here to see what we can do for you.

For more on maximising the potential of your online venture, give us a call on 01883 372488 or contact us via Facebook and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

*Source – For more on this startling statistic, please check out the following article from Neil Patel at KISSmetrics – https://blog.kissmetrics.com/surprising-mobile-ecommerce/

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5 Ways WordPress Plugins Can Improve Your Website

Just when you thought that WordPress couldn’t get any better, we’re here to tell you that it can. If there were not already enough benefits to help separate this exceptional CMS from the pack, the constant ability of its community to keep coming up with ways to improve its experience really does elevate it to another level.

The user friendliness of the platform alone should be enough to help persuade you that WordPress is the way forward for your website but if that is not enough on its WP Logoown, there are literally tens of thousands of WordPress plug-in, themes and widgets out there, just waiting to take your website to a higher level.

To help narrow down your choices, we have worked together to come up with our current top 5 favourites.

So, in no particular order, welcome to the top 5 Footprint WordPress plug-in recommendations.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

“Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.”

There are many pretenders to the crown but the truth is that there is only one king when it comes to credible and successful SEO plug-ins.

Amazingly simple to install and use, this plug-inis as comprehensive as it gets and even better – its free!!


“Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not and lets you review the spam it catches under your blog’s “Comments” admin screen”

One of the very few drawbacks of WordPress is the spam that can be pointed in its direction. Fortunately with the creation of Akismet, you can say goodbye to this problem as well!

Akismet is a free plug-in which offers the ability to block almost every spam comment directed to your website. Installation of this plug-inwill ensure that you never again have to waste countless hours sorting though 100s of pointless spammy comments.

Better WP Security

“The easiest, most effective way to secure WordPress. Improve the security of any WordPress site in seconds.”

Online security should be of the utmost importance for all webmaster and with the creation of the Better WP Security plug-in, you will have access to a plug-inwhich is not only easy to install and set up, it is also incredibly effective.

Offering an effective solution against all manner of attacks, this needs to be right at the top of your list.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

“Display a list of related posts on your site based on a powerful unique algorithm. Earn money by including sponsored content!”

Bounce rate can be the scourge of many online businesses but the addition of this plug-in will give you the best possible chance of keeping your visitors on your website by displaying the perfect articles to the perfect user at the perfect time!

The ‘Yet Another Related Posts’ plug-in does a truly excellent job of doing exactly what it says on the tin and its customisation options ensure that it is very easy to fit the related posts in with the design of your site.

Digg Digg

“Your all in one share buttons plug-in. Add a floating bar with share buttons to your blog. Just like Mashable!”

Unless you have been living in outer space, the importance of social networking simply cannot have passed you by. As such it is essential that you offer you web visitors to the easiest possible way to share your content and Digg Digg is one of the best sharing button plug-ins around.

Digg Digg is a social sharing bar that slides gracefully down your posts providing your web visitor with the chance to share whatever they like, wherever they like!

Have We Missed Anything?

These are just a tiny percentage of the free plugins that are currently available and which represent some of our current favourites. Do you have any favourites of your own or do you feel as though something should have forced its way into our top 10? Get in touch to let us know what you think.

Further Information

Footprint Web Design have been at the forefront of web design and development for nearly 20 years. If you are looking for a website that truly represents your business, or advice on how to make your site stand out, then contact us today on 01883 372 488, or via email at info@footprint.co.uk.

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WordPress – Introducing a Modern New Design

Just when we thought that WordPress could not become any more impressive…..

As we all know, WordPress is a constantly evolving entity and with the recently introduced WordPress 3.8 update, offers a bright and fresh new look to the entire admin dashboard with a greater emphasis on user friendliness.

Say goodbye to a subdued appearance and a dreary shades of grey colour scheme and say hello to a bigger, bolder, more colourful design to help keep your company’s website at the cutting edge of design technology!



Modern Appearance

The newly designed WordPress dashboard offers users a fresh, uncluttered design which embraces exceptional levels of clarify whilst remaining an air of simplicity.

Updated Typography

To complement the new design a new typeface has been utilised. The Open Sans typeface provides simple, friendly text that is absolutely ideal for both desktop and mobile viewing alike.

Improved Contrast

No liberties have been taken in regards to legibility to create the new WordPress design. With enhanced contrast and large, comfortable type, the new design is easy to read and a pleasure to navigate.

WordPress on every device

The days of only being able to use a desktop computer to access the internet are now long gone. Fortunately, the WordPress interface has evolved and regardless of responsivewhether you are access the internet via your smartphone, laptop, phone, tablet, notebook or desktop, WordPress will adapt and you’ll feel right at home.

High definition at high speed

Not only is WordPress now sharper than ever with new vector-based icons that scale to your screen, a change in design now ensures that the pages load significantly faster than in the past.




Admin colour schemes to match your personality


The powerful new WordPress update also includes the ability to tailor the colour scheme with 8 new colours available.

Colour schemes can be easily previewed and changed through the profile page.

Twenty Fourteen, a sleek new magazine theme


Turn your blog into a magazine

You now have the ability to create a beautiful magazine-style site with WordPress and Twenty Fourteen. Simply choose a grid or a slider to display featured content on your homepage and then customize your site with three widget areas or change your layout with two page templates.

With a striking design that does not compromise our trademark simplicity, Twenty Fourteen is WordPress’ most potent default them yet.

For more information regarding the new WordPress update please click here.

Further Information

Footprint Web Design have been at the forefront of web design and development for nearly 20 years. If you are looking for a website that truly represents your business, or advice on how to make your site stand out, then contact us today on 01883 372 488, or via email at info@footprint.co.uk.

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Hot SEO Predictions for 2014!

What can you do to stay ahead of the pack in 2014?

Ok, so January is over with. The post-festive glow has well and truly worn off, and it’s time to put into place all those big ideas you’ve been having over the last few weeks. seo

When it comes to SEO, what can you do to make sure you stay ahead of the curve?

Here’s a list of some of the most popular predictions for 2014.

Google will be announcing Google Hummingbird. This most recent Google update will force marketers to write in a more conversational style. Flooding web copy with forced in keywords, in order to rise to the top of the rankings, has not worked for a while now, but Google Hummingbird is going to make sure it stays dead and buried. A more conversational style in blogs & web copy, that is much more tailored towards your reader, is going to be encouraged and rewarded. Those still trying to shoehorn unwieldy key words in, as if they were writing for a robot, will find themselves slapped with a penalty pretty quickly. This also applies to buying links and those who steal content – so be warned!

Increased Mobile Marketing. MCommerce is is outstripping eCommerce by 200% at the moment, and 63 percent of consumers say they will shop on their phone more frequently in the next few years. By the tail-end of 2013, sales made on mobile phones and tablets accounted for $4.7 billion. How can your website be tailored for the mobile market?

Location-based content marketing. Targeting consumers through their GPS-enabled smartphones is expected to become mainstream by the end of 2014. This content marketing strategy allows businesses to identify each shopper’s preferences and location. When a consumer is near the store, the system simply sends them a deal based on the stored demographic information.

Bite-sized updates. Social Media, from Twitter’s 140-character limit, to Vine’s 6-second video limit, is recognising our desire for short, sharp snippets of information. Those who are able to concentrate their message into manageable chunks will find their content much more popular. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can neglect your longer content – there’ll always be someone waiting out there to fill your place if you let your content slip.


Interact with your followers. Most businesses know now that, if they’re not interacting with their customers on Social Media, they’re going to lose popularity pretty quickly. People today aren’t shy about sharing reviews, both good and bad. If you ignore either type of post, your brand is going to come across as uncaring or inattentive, neither of which will build your reputation.

Guest blogging is on the way out. Google’s recent crusade against poor-quality content means it’s on the lookout for serial spammers. Guest bloggers who use email sites to publish their content, or flog the same content over and over again, will seriously damage a site’s SEO rank.

Further Information

If you need help creating content, finding your Social Media voice, or creating a SEO strategy, then Footprint Web Design can help. We’ve been at the forefront of SEO for years, and are well-equipped at tailoring our SEO options to businesses of all sizes.

Give us a call on 01883 372488, or email us at info@footprint.co.uk and see what we can do to get your business to the top.

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