It always pays to leave no stone unturned when it comes to SEO. Whilst there are a huge number of factors taken into account by Google when it comes to determining their website rankings, exploring all options can only help.

There is a groundswell of opinion stating that upgrading your website to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) could prove to be crucial if you are battling rivals for prime keyword positions.

What Are the Benefits of HTTPS?

We’re all used to seeing ‘HTTP’ at the beginning of a URL but was about extra ‘S’? Essentially the S stands for “SSL”, which in turn stands for Secure Sockets Layer.The Top 2 Reasons You May Want To Consider Upgrading Your Website To HTTPS

This extremely useful technology helps to encrypt the connection to a website, providing that extra layer of security making it more difficult for hackers to intercept important data. This can include passwords and payment details.

Below are 2 additional reasons why increasing the security of the site could benefit your business.

Can Be a Key SEO Ranking Factor

When two similar sites have similar SEO values, the inclusion of an SSL certificate could be enough to nudge your website above your competitor.

Whilst no-one knows precisely what Google’s algorithms look for, it is widely believe that it is Google’s goal to offer the best possible user experience. Increased online safety would certainly fall under this umbrella and therefore having a secure site (HTTPS) can help you rank higher on Google.

Mobile Search Boosts

Are you serious about being found online? You can no longer ignore mobile search optimisation. Because many modern browsers and phone applications require HTTPS in order to perform correctly, failure to add this to your website could leave you lagging behind your rivals.

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