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Do Facebook And Twitter Help With Google Rankings?

Do Facebook and Twitter Help with Google rankings? If my account only has 3 followers, am I wasting my time posting at all?

The answer here is definitely “no”! Facebook Adverts

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, answers a question about Google’s ability to rank pages and profiles based on their popularity on the platform at the time.

Basically, Google are sometimes restricted from searching particular areas of Facebook & Twitter. This is due to a historical blocking by the platforms themselves. However, on some occasions, it is possible for Google to search these pages (which they call “crawling”) – in these instances, a page’s success will then contribute towards its ranking.

Hear what he has to say here:


What he’s saying here is there is nothing in the ranking algorithms that put any weight on how many Facebook likes or Twitter followers a page has, at the moment.

This is mostly due to the historical blocking, mentioned above. It is also due to the personal and time sensitive nature of a page’s content. Google realise that a lot of personal content is easily accessible on Facebook and Twitter and this makes them wary of highlighting it in rankings.

Due to not being able to access some of these social platforms, there is an impression given that they don’t directly contribute to a site’s ranking. However, he does recognise that these types of social media platforms are good ways of diverting traffic through to your site, and therefore upping your ranking. Good content promotes activity! It’s also worth remembering that posting links on all your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, etc.) provides legitimate backlinks that will aid your page rankings.

He concludes by postulating that, in the future, Google anticipate being able to recognise authorship in a must more proactive manner; placing a much higher import on those who write quality content and pinpointing when, and where, they are posting.

What this tells us is that, it doesn’t matter if your page doesn’t have a whole lot of followers at the moment, as it’s not being ranked on that. What you need is good content!

Further Information

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Where’s your SEO going in 2014?

So, it’s 2014. The new year. Where are you going to be taking you business this year? Have you been thinking about taking the foray into SEO?

Well you need to do more than think about it. 2014 is the time for SEO action!

Your business will be left behind if you don’t. seo

For 2014, developing  strong SEO strategy will be what transforms businesses into social media champions. Want to leave your competitors in the dirt? Start thinking about your creative content now.

Here are a few starter points to think about:

Look into LinkedIn: Linkedin is the social media platform for professionals. It can not only connect you with millions of other people, from all over the world, but it is a mine of industry gossip and ideas. You can headhunt people and keep an eye on what your business rivals are doing. But that’s not all, creating a business account, or page, can make Linkedin a hub of activity for you. Show your followers how you’re keeping abreast of changes in your industry and invite professional discussion from peers.

Google+: In popular consciousness, Google+ appeared to have been relegated to that unholy territory of “the defunct social media” – this is most certainly not the case. Google+ has made significant progress and has recently seen a 225 percent increase in users age 35-44. With the introduction of a number of supporting applications (Google Hangouts being one of them), it seems Google+ is THE place to be in 2014, if you want to give your business the edge.

Interested in Pinterest: “A picture paints a thousand words”. Ring any bells? Want to show off a new product/office make-over/creative infographic? Pinterest in the place to do it. It’s been well-documented recently, that articles with images receive an additional 94 percent more views, and photo sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram significantly increasing their followership. With this in mind, can you afford NOT to?

Blog, blog and blog some more: Over the last year, you may have heard the term “content is king” bandied around more than once. With Google cracking down on duplicate content, backlinks and indiscriminate guest-blogging, the idea of quality content has never been more important. Getting yourself a content strategy, focused on making sure your web-copy is of the highest quality, will stand you in good stead when the next Google updates come to town. One of the best ways to do this is with your blog. This is the place where you can ensure your voice is heard by your customers, ensuring a steady stream of new content to your website, without the dangers of 1000 identical landing pages!

Further information

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