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Twitter For Business – All You Need To Know!

With approximately 190 million unique visitors using Twitter every month and 2.1 billion Twitter search engine queries every day*, you would be crazy not to enhance your presence on this hugely popular Social Network.

Here are some interesting business facts and stats about Twitter that are worth checking out**:twitter-icon

  • 33% of Twitter users follow a brand
  • 79% of Twitter users are more likely to recommend brand they follow
  • 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow
  • 85% of people say they feel more connected to the business after they follow them

What Are The Keys To Twitter Success?

‘Key’ word research – Identifying the most relevant keywords to your audience will allow you to tap into topics that they are interested in. In addition, content with keywords has a greater chance of capturing their attention and interest.

Keep a watch on terms which are ‘trending’: These terms allow you to capture what is important to users right now!

Craft your tweets carefully. This means that you need to send the right tweet in the right language at the right time. Here are a few things to consider when writing your tweets:

  • Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends according to Dan Zarrella’s research so make sure you tweet on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • When we look at what’s the best time of day to post, re-tweets have been shown to be highest around 5pm. For clicks, the best times seem to be around noon and 6pm.
  • Post tweets with image links as they get twice the engagement rate of those without.
  • Include links, as tweets that include links are 86% more likely to be re-tweeted.
  • Write tweets that have fewer than 100 characters as they get 17% more engagement.
  • Make use of hashtags as tweets with hashtags get double the engagement of those without.
  • Your tweets are 12 times more likely to be re-tweeted if you ask for it. This rises to 23 time more likely if you use the full word “re-tweet” rather than an abbreviation such as “RT”.

For more on this story please check out the following article – 6 Sites Other Than Google That You Need To Rank On

*Source –

**Source –

Further Information

If you’d like to speak to use regarding how we can help you to use social media channels to grow your company, give us a call on 01883 372488 or contact us via Facebook and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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The Footprint Guide To Attracting Visitors To Your Website

Did you know that as many as ‘78% of all mobile searches related to local business information result in a purchase?*

To make sure that you can tap into these potential sales, now is the perfect time to update your old website.

Below we have outlined our 3 step guide to attracting more web visitors.

Step No. 1 – Choose a Clean Web Design

For any business, maximising your conversion rate and establishing contact with your customers is a hugely important part of your online venture.The Footprint Guide To Attracting Visitors To Your Website

The design of your site is crucial if you are going to make the user experience as easy as possible. All websites designed by the Footprint Web Design team will be created with the user experience at the forefront of our mind.

We will avoid unnecessary items that will make it harder for your audience to find what they are looking for whilst avoiding placing important information in graphics and on pictures, since search engines can’t read them.

Step No. 2 – Ensure You Are Mobile Ready

Whilst having a website optimised for display on a mobile phone may have been considered to be an added bonus for many businesses throughout the UK, a change in policy by Google in regards to how they display search results when viewed through a mobile device could leave you lagging behind your competitors if your website is not mobile optimised.

Intricate desktop designs are unlikely to work as well on the small screen as they will on a pc and the functionality may also decrease.  Our minimalist and tailored ‘mobile ready’ designs are absolutely perfect for targeting visitors via their mobile device mobile device visitors.

Step No. 3 – Implement SEO Techniques

Obtaining good search rankings are absolutely essential if you wish to draw as many visitors to your website as possible.

Search engines have been designed specifically to help guide people to the most appropriate websites based on the terms that are being searched for (your potential customers). If your site cannot be located by search engines or your content cannot be put into their databases, there is every chance that you will miss out on a tremendous amount of business.

We have been providing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for business services for a number of years, and really understand what it takes to get your website to the top of the search rankings. We have SEO packages to suit all business sizes and can tailor a programme for your specific needs. Click here to see what we can do for you.

For more on maximising the potential of your online venture, give us a call on 01883 372488 or contact us via Facebook and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

*Source – For more on this startling statistic, please check out the following article from Neil Patel at KISSmetrics –

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