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What is Responsive Web Design?

Welcome to the world of Responsive Web Design!

Recent history has documented a real change in browsing habits. For the first time in over a decade, PC sales were recorded at a lower level than they were in the previous year. An interesting fact but how does this relate the business and web design?

To find the answer to this question, we must first explain what has caused the drop in PC Sales, and we can answer this with one word – Tablets. For a variety of reasons, Tablet sales are soaring and this is sending ripples through the web design community.

Innovative Technology

With significant increases in the use of tablets and smart phones to view the internet, as opposed to solely using desktops and laptops, the need to design websites which display to their optimum 5 Fundamental Aspects of SEO Which Must Not Be Ignoredabilities has never been greater. As such, responsive web design has become a hot topic in the web design community.

So, what exactly is responsive web design? Due to the ever changing landscape of internet browsers, web users expectations have changed beyond all recognition; whereas previously people just expected the same design regardless of the device they were viewing the website on, people began to expect to be able to browse the web on their phones just as easily as they browse the web on a desktop computer.

In response to this (do you like what we did there!) the web design community started to turn their attention towards creating mobile/tablet optimised versions of their website with the idea that all websites would have their normal ‘desktop’ version, and as a bonus, a ‘mobile’ version would be created as well. This where the term ‘Responsive’ comes in. Due to the way in which the designs are created the browser will be able to identify the type of device being used to view the website and will display the correct version accordingly.

See it in Action

To see this in action, visit the website – First open the link using a desktop browser and you will see the site fully optimised for a desktop device. Then visit the URL through your smartphone and you will see a huge difference. Can you see how the site is adjusted for an optimum display on a mobile advice?

Further Information

Footprint specialise in creating bespoke websites designed to help take your business to another level. We have been providing Web Design Surrey since 1998 and if you’d like to speak to us regarding any of our services, give us a call on 01883 372488 or contact us via Facebook and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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Is Your Business Listed On Google Maps?

There can be no doubt whatsoever regarding the potential offering by Google My Business listings for any business.

If you can achieve a first page ranking for any of your chosen terms on Google Maps, it is almost certain that web users searching for terms relating to your products and services will see your business details before almost any other.

Effective Marketing Method

Setting up or claiming (did you know Google may have set up a listing for you??) a Google Maps listing offers a great way of promoting important details about your business visible and you don’t Is Your Business Listed On Google Maps?even need a website to do it! If you are a small business owner, you really cannot afford to overlook this excellent form of free advertising.

Making The Most of Your Google Maps/Local Listing

Once your listing is fully activated, there are a number of different ways of making the most from this.

Please Note – The best way is to make the most of Footprint Web Design’s dedicated Google Maps SEO service.

A few tips include:

  1. Choosing the Most Appropriate Category– Google provides a choice of categories to which you can add your listing and you are not limited to one. Simply type the first few letters of your services into the category box and select the most appropriate results which are provided.
  2. Addition of Relevant Images – You can make your listing more attractive by adding a number of photos/images to your account. You can add a logo and background image to your homepage and up to 10 images in the listing itself.
  3. Encourage Reviews – We cannot over emphasise the importance of this tip – ask your customers to review and rate on your listing. Online reviews play a crucial role in helping to separate competing businesses and the chances are, the more positive reviews on your account, the higher your listing may rank and the more likely undecided customers may be to opt for your products and services.

If you have any further questions about the importance of Google Maps listings for small businesses and how they can be used to help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Tel. No. 01883 372488.

Further Information

Footprint Web Design has been at the forefront of web design, development and marketing for nearly 20 years. If you are looking for a website that truly represents your business, or advice on how to make your site stand out, then contact us today on 01883 372 488, or via email at

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4 Questions To Help You Find The Right Web Design Agency

We understand that finding the right agency to handle your web design needs can feel a little overwhelming.

With such a huge number of options out there, how exactly are you supposed to choose the web design agency who will provide you with the best solution for your individual needs?

For many companies, web design can be a serious investment which should have a significant impact on your business. As such this is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

With these considerations in mind, we have drawn up a list of 4 key questions. The answers to these questions can help to ensure that you choose the right agency for you.

Question No. 1 – Do They Have a Proven Track Record?

Taking a look at the portfolio of a web design agency will help to provide an accurate overview of the type of work they have completed previously.4 Questions To Help You Find The Right Web Design Agency

A track record of completing diverse projects offers an insight into the capabilities of the agency in question. It may also be helpful to see if they have created websites which have similarities to the type of website that you are looking for.

Please Note – It is always important to read between the lines. What some agencies promise may not become reality. However, the portfolio of an agency will allow you to see actual results.

Question No. 2 – How Long Have They Been Around?

Web agencies often appear and disappear very quickly. However, the ones that stand the test of time are highly likely to have done so for a reason, because they are good at what they do!

Any agency which has been around for a minimum of 10 years can clearly demonstrate an ability to keep pace with a fast moving industry. This should be a key factor for anyone looking for a reputable agency to design their website,

If an agency has been around for a significant period of time, Footprint Web Design have been working for over 20 years –  it is very likely they will be around to offer you the future support that you need once your website is up and running.

Question No. 3 – Do They Offer Custom Strategies?

Many web design agencies offer nothing other than template based web designs. Whilst for some businesses this may not be an issue, for some, having a truly bespoke web design is essential if 4 Questions To Help You Find The Right Web Design Agencythey hope to maximise the potential of their design.

Any experienced web design agency, with a proven track record for offer custom strategies will be able to recommend tailored solutions to help you achieve the goals that you have set. Regardless of your market sector, your website and business goals should never follow a predefined template for the creation of your website.

Question No. 4 – Do They Have a Commitment to Responsive Web Design

There can be little doubt that the way people (and therefore potential customers) access the internet has changed drastically over the past few years.

The majority of web users now access the internet from devices such as smart phones and tablets. This is not a trend that is going away in the near future, if at all.

A well designed website will adapt to the device that is being used in order to view the site. This is the way that it should be and under no circumstances should the website owner be penalised because of a poorly designed website.

Quality agencies fully understand the true value of a responsive design (web designs which respond to the device being used to view it), and have proven track record for implementing it for their clients.

How Can We Help?

We strongly believe that Footprint Web Design agency tick all of the right boxes for our clients. With a proven track record for providing attractive, functional and effective websites, along with 20 years in the industry, we are certain that you will be in safe hands with the Footprint team.

Further Information

If you’d like to speak to use regarding how we can help you to use web design to grow your company, give us a call on 01883 372488 or contact us via Facebook and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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