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Clover Care Wedding Car Hire Business For Sale

An exciting opportunity has arisen to purchase a well established wedding car hire business specialising in the hire of classic and vintage wedding cars.

Clover Care Wedding Cars operates primarily within the Surrey area and the new owner will have the opportunity to capitalise on an outstanding local reputation along with an excellent online presence.

The breathtaking selection of cars includes vintage Rolls Royces, classic Rolls Royces and Daimler Limousines.

To summarise this is a very well priced business awaiting the acquisition by a new owner. There is already a thoroughly professional website in place and this is therefore is a fantastic proposition.

For more information, please contact Mark Clover on Tel. No. Tel: 01483 479579, Mobile: 07802 962169 or via e-mail:


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Are Your Online Visitors Receiving The Best Possible Experience?

We understand just how important having a great looking website is for our clients. However, this is just the beginning of the web design process and we want to do all that we can to ensure that not only does your website look great, it also functions and performs to a high level.

Please Note – No matter how attractive your website is, a poor user experience is very likely to result in their visit becoming just a one time deal!

Below we have identified 3 of our top tips to help keep your visitors happy.

1.    Website Usability Doesn’t Always Equal User Experience

A common mistake for many web designers involves confusing user experience with usability. Whilst they can influence each other, they are not the same thing.

To help break this down a little further, the fundamental difference is as follows:

User experience means that visitors to your website want to user it whereas usability means that a person can easily use it.

Although offering a good user experience is very important because it means your visitors will enjoy browsing your website, there are no guarantees that the site would be usable.

2.    Keeping Your Visitors Safe

People are more switched on to the risks posed by ineffective online security than ever before. If your visitors have concerns about the security of your website, it is highly likely that they will not make either online or in-app purchases.

Customers are quite rightly vary wary of having their data stolen when shopping online. For this reason amongst others, they are far more likely to use websites they know and trust to make purchases.

3.    Did You Know That Less Can Sometimes Be More?

Cluttered websites can be a nail in the coffin in regards to usability. If a website is too confusing, too difficult to navigate, contains too much information or any other issue, there is a very strong chance that users will find their experience to be a poor one.

Minimalist designs often make websites easier to take in and use, increasing their chances of being effective.

Top Tip – Find the right balance by ensuring that your website does not make users search too hard to find information whilst not overloading them at the same time.

Take all steps possible to ensure that your website is as secure as possible.

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Browsing On The Move – 5 Reasons Your Website Must Be ‘Mobile’

With the emphasis very much moving towards people using mobile devices as their primary means of browsing the internet, if your website is not mobile optimised (aka responsive), your business is about to be left behind.

To help back up this argument, we have identified 5 reasons why your website must be ‘mobile’.

1. Tapping Into a Change in Browsing Habits

Recent figures highlight the fact that as many as 80% of all online adults are now in possession or have easy access to a smartphone/tablet.

Source = GlobalWebIndex’s 2015 Q3 report on trends for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and wearables.

Browsing On The Move

2. Increased Local Exposure

Up to 40% of all mobile users search at least once per month for services/products from a business based in their local area.

Source = BrightLocal Mobile Consumer Survey 2015

3. Increased Visibility

Whilst all local businesses are generating increasing numbers of searches, some markets are more popular than others. However restaurant / cafes (58%), general shops (32%) & doctor / dentists (27%) are the most popular.

Source = BrightLocal Consumer Mobile Survey 2015

4. Increased User Friendliness

Up to 61% of customers are more likely to contact a local business if their website is user friendly and optimised for mobile use.

Source = BrightLocal Mobile Consumer Survey 2015

5. Increased Conversion Rates!

Up to 78% of mobile searches relating to products and services available from local businesses are likely result in a purchase.
One Size Fits All: How Responsive Web Design Helps Get You More Conversions

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How Can Positive Reviews Impact Your Business?

Recent history has seen the popularity and impact of online reviews increase significantly. Whether business owners like it or not, potential customers often use the reviews of a service or product as a key tool in their decision making process.

Whether people are looking for a restaurant for an evening meal, a hotel for their holiday, a plumber to fix a broken pipe or anything in between, online reviews have quickly become an integral part of promoting your business online.

There are of course two sides to everything and to provide you with a full picture of the pros and cons of online reviews, we have drawn up a list of potential positive and negative impacts.

Understanding the Importance of SEO

The Positive Impact of Online Reviews

Positive reviews can result in:

  • Increased conversion rates (customers spending more money!!)
  • Creating increased trust with your clients
  • Free advertising (great reviews on external sites can be key in drawing in new customers)
  • Improved results on search engines (regular reviews are strongly believed to play a role in ranking algorithms)
  • Increased feedback (the ability to leave reviews can be key in opening lines of communication with your customers)

The Negative Impact of Reviews on Businesses

On the flip side, receiving negative reviews can result in:

  • An impact on the perceived reputation of your business
  • Damage to trust levels (Too many negative reviews or no reviews at all can impact the trustworthiness of a business)
  • Increased costs (some 3rd party review sites will charge to use their services)
  • Reviews being left which may not be accurate (3rd party review sites offer complete freedom on the reviews that can be left)
  • Without a drip feed of reviews, old reviews can seem out of date

Please Note – It is essential to remember that regardless of the platform, you will always have the option to reply to any review. Positive or negative, responses are strongly encouraged. However, taking the high ground in response to a negative review is also strongly encouraged!

If you would like more information relating to online reviews and how they can impact your business, please contact Footprint Web Design today.

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5 Ways Local SEO Can Benefit Your Business

There can be no doubt that local SEO is a highly effective method of promoting your business in local areas. Offering the ideal opportunity to tap into local customers looking for the products and services that you are selling, local SEO can help to elevate your business to another level.

Perhaps the best news is that these potential customers are not just online customers, they are customers who may be looking to come through your shop door. Effective local SEO techniques do not just promote your website, they promote your NAP (name, address and phone number), ensuring that potential customers find it as easy as possible to either call you or visit you rather than just using your website.

Implementing Local SEO

A local SEO campaign targets search engines like Google and Yahoo along with business directories such as Yell, Thomson Direct and FreeIndex to finger-769300_1280name just a few.

With millions of local customers using these services each and every day to identify the best local businesses in their area, can you afford not to use local SEO for your business?

If you are still unsure whether local SEO is for you, we have drawn up a list below of 5 ways that it will help to benefit your business:

Benefit No. 1 – 85% of Consumers Use the Internet to Find Local Businesses*

With as many as 85% of local customers now using Google and online directories as their primary method of finding local services and products, it is essential that you make the effort to tap into this market.

*Source –

Benefit No. 2 – The number of online searches is growing rapidly

Accessing the internet has never been easier. With more and more people using mobile devices and tablets, there are now a huge number of people seeking local information & businesses via search engines like Google.

Benefit No. 3 – Local search marketing offer highly relevant results

By targeting location based search results and online directories, you have the ability to promote your business to local customers at the precise point location-162102_1280that they are in need of your products and services.

The timing simply could not be better because there is absolutely no better time to connect with a potential customer than when they really need you.

Benefit No. 4 – Excellent conversion rates

Because of the relevance of the people finding your business details, location based marketing has a significantly better conversion rate than other, more traditional advertising options.

Benefit No. 5 – Great ROI

Unlike alternative advertising methods, such as (e.g. local papers, leaflets etc…) local SEO ensures that there is no wastage. You will be reaching your potential customers when they need you not when they don’t. This makes local SEO both efficient and cost-effective.

You can find out more about our dedicated local SEO services by clicking here.

To find out more about how the Footprint Web Design team can help you, please give us a call on Tel. No. 01883 372488 and we’ll be happy to talk through your options with you.

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