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E-Mail Marketing – 5 Reasons Why It’s Still Relevant

If you are looking for a form of marketing which offers outstanding ROI, e-mail marketing could be just what you are looking for.

With marketers are under increasing amounts of pressure to find ways of contacting a growing number of people without tying up significant resources, turning to e-mail may offer the easiest and most convenient way of sending personalised marketing campaigns while remaining on budget.

No. 1 – Highly Targeted Marketing

Placing an advertisement on television, in a magazine/newspaper, or on radio has no guarantee that your target audience will actually see or hear it.

However, using by using e-mail, we have the ability to control who sees the email because we can target a specific audience based on demographics, lead status, location, or other data.

This method ensures that customers receive content that has been specifically suited to their needs.

No. 2 – Increased Reach

Did you know that there are currently an estimated 3.7 billion email accounts in use across the globe?*

This is not to say that they are all prospective customers but with numbers like this, can you really afford to ignore them?

Today, most of the people logged on to the Internet require an active e-mail address. Suffice to say that when it comes to reaching prospective customers, email can be highly effective channel to use.

No. 3 – Extremely Cost Effective Method of Marketing

Cost effectiveness and efficiency is perhaps one of the most appealing advantages of e-mail marketing. There are no print costs, advertising rates, or postage fees.

According to figures released by Direct Marketing Association, email marketing returns outperform display, search, and social marketing**

No. 4 – Helps to Create Brand Awareness

Every email sent exposes customers to your brand and business. With a smart design, targeted content, and strategic planning, the business will steadily build value. Emails stand a better chance of creating impact with customers.

This means that when they are in need of your products or services, they will turn to your business to provide value.

No. 5 – Emails are Easily Sharable

Emails are easy to share because they have a forward function. Therefore, it is easier to click forward than it is to spend time explaining a product’s television advert. Customers and subscribers share email marketing messages with friends, acquaintances, and other loved ones. This creates brand exposure and credibility.

With proper guidance, a strong message, and a strategic approach, any business is assured of numerous benefits from email marketing.

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3 Key Trends Shaping Local SEO

Local SEO can prove to be the key marketing method for any business focusing on their local geographic area.

As with all areas of SEO, implementing local SEO is a constantly evolving process and factoring in these 3 key areas can be vital.

Location Is (Almost) Everything

For some time Google has tailored search results to the precise location of the person making the search.

However, Google is now taking this a step further by reducing the radius of the returned results to ensure that businesses based close to the person making the search will be given preference to those based further away.

This reduction in search radius is great news for anyone based away from the city centre as they now have a much better chance of showing up in locally based search results depending on the location of the searcher.

3 Key Trends Shaping Local SEO

Mobile is Now a Clear No. 1

Avoided mobile marketing until now has been a mistake and this mistake is only going to grow in size.

With significantly more searches being completed on mobile devices than desktops and laptops, Google is now taking this very seriously.

This is in no small part due to the fact that because Google is now to determine a mobile user’s location with accurate precision, they can take the required steps to provide the most relevant results.

Reputation Is Essential

This is really nothing new. Since the beginning of trade, the reputation of a business has played a key role in their ability to grow.

With many business owners still finding customer reviews (and in particular negative ones) an annoyance which they do not take seriously, they are making a major mistake.

Both Google and potential customers take these reviews VERY seriously and it doesn’t take much homework to realise that online reviews show up frequently for all to see.

Not only does the volume and level of reviews help to build trust with your customer base, it is also a key signal to Google regarding the level of trust they should place in your business.

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Are Your Online Visitors Receiving The Best Experience?

The creation of a website which looks great and is easy to navigate plays a critical role in offering a top user experience and below we have identified 3 of our top tips to help take the experience to a higher level.

1.    Website Usability Doesn’t Always Equal User Experience

A common mistake for many web designers involves confusing user experience with usability. Whilst they can influence each other, they are not the same thing.

To help break this down a little further, the fundamental difference is as follows:

User experience means that visitors to your website want to user it whereas usability means that a person can easily use it.

Although offering a good user experience is very important because it means your visitors will enjoy browsing your website, there are no guarantees that the site would be usable.

Are Your Online Visitors Receiving The Best Experience?

2.    Keeping Your Visitors Safe

People are more switched on to the risks posed by ineffective online security than ever before. If your visitors have concerns about the security of your website, it is highly likely that they will not make either online or in-app purchases.

Customers are quite rightly very wary of having their data stolen when shopping online. For this reason amongst others, they are far more likely to use websites they know and trust to make purchases.

3.    Did You Know That Less Can Sometimes Be More?

Cluttered websites can be a nail in the coffin in regards to usability. If a website is too confusing, too difficult to navigate, contains too much information or any other issue, there is a very strong chance that users will find their experience to be a poor one.

Minimalist designs often make websites easier to take in and use, increasing their chances of being effective.

Top Tip – Find the right balance by ensuring that your website does not make users search too hard to find information whilst not overloading them at the same time.

Take all steps possible to ensure that your website is as secure as possible.

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