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4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Instagram?

Few people predicted the speed at which Instagram would grow when it was launched back in 2010. With users flocking to the platform almost instantly, it came as no surprise to see a bigger fish (Facebook) swoop in a purchase this rapidly expanding platform just 2 years later.

An app which is continually evolving, Instagram isn’t suited to all businesses but the question you must ask yourself is ‘would Instagram benefit my business?’

To help you make this decision, we have identified 4 of the key facts and reasons that you must consider.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Instagram?

No. 1 – Smartphones Have Never Been More Popular

More people now view the internet through their smartphone/tablet than any other method. With the most recent figures showing that at least 66% of all UK adults now own and use a smart phone, tapping into this huge number of people can be crucial for any business with a visual aspect that they would like to publicise.

The way in which we access the internet has changed drastically in the space of 4 years. Today it’s estimated that 7 in 10 people in the UK have smartphones. With a continued growth of the smartphone market (and Instagram) businesses need to be engaging with these audiences.

Please Note – If you are struggling to install Instagram, the video below may be of some use for you:

No. 2 – You Can’t Argue With These Numbers

Instagram’s user base has doubled to over 700 million users* over the past 2 years alone!! With a core demographic of users aged 30 or under, if your target customer base falls within this age range, Instagram could be perfect for you.

Top Tip – Are you a driving school? Your target demographic could be at the very centre of Instagram’s user base.

No. 3 – Wide Ranging Benefits (including SEO!)

Although it may not be possible to include links back to your website in your posts, you can include links in your bio and this can play an important role in extending your reach across the internet.

Please Note – Because Instagram is visual with a core audience of under the age of 30, it is much better suited to b2c rather than the b2b market.

No. 4 – Instagram Is Still Growing

Whilst the growth of some of the Social Media behemoths is beginning to slow, Instagram is still growing from strength to strength.

As mentioned above, with a user base that has doubled in size over the past 2 years, ignoring this platform could be a huge mistake.

So is Instagram Right for Your Business?

The key factor for your decision making process is whether your target audience fits Instagram’s demographic.

If you have a visually friendly business, Instagram could be just the marketing tool that you have been looking for.

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The Top 3 Ways Your Website Can Be Targeted By Hackers

Trying to stay ahead of hackers can be a very tricky and time-consuming process. However, by getting to grips with some of the most common methods of entry to your website, your online security can significantly improve.

In the article below we will highlight 3 of the most common ways hackers can gain entry to your website.

No. 1 – Compromised Passwords

It will probably come as no surprise to know that attackers use a variety of automated methods of guessing passwords until they get the right one.The Top 3 Ways Your Website Can Be Targeted By Hackers

To help make things as difficult as possible we recommend 2 steps.

  • Ensure you use different passwords for each platform
  • Wherever possible, use a secure password (a password containing random letters, numbers and characters)

You can quickly and easily create secure passwords by clicking here.

It’s absolutely essential to avoid re-using passwords because once hackers have identified a working combination of username and password, they are almost certain to try all other services to see if they can gain access to those as well.

No. 2 – Not Updating Your System

Ensuring that Windows and any software which you may use are updated regularly is extremely important to avoid unnecessary risks

A recent ‘ransomware’ attack used a vulnerability in older versions of Windows to access PC.

It is not possible to overstate how important it is to periodically check for software updates for your site in order to correct any existing vulnerabilities.The Top 3 Ways Your Website Can Be Targeted By Hackers

Please Note – The best course of action is often to set up automatic updates for your software. This will ensure that even if you forget, any updates should automatically be installed without you having to take any further action.

For more on the recent ‘Ransomware’ story, please click here.

No. 3 – Keep All WordPress Themes & Plugins Up To Date

The use of plugins and themes with WordPress offer a fantastic way to increase the usability, functionality and look of your website. However, it must be noted that outdated themes and plugins can be a major source of vulnerabilities on websites

The good news is that through the dashboard of your WordPress website, you should be able to keep all themes and plugins up to date.

These are just a small number of the methods of entry which hackers can use to attack your website but the good news is that it is possible to take steps to beef up the security of your website.

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3 Steps To Help Create The Perfect E-Mail Marketing Campaign

E-Mail marketing is one of the founding fathers of online marketing. Used businesses for many years, the key to success is often the ability to create an e-mail that catches the attention immediately and does not get sent straight to the online rubbish bin.

Below we have identified 3 of the key areas to address before any e-mail marketing campaign.

No. 1 – Don’t Hide The Important Information

Whilst this may sound fairly obvious, e-mail marketing should also be concise. People are busy and if they cannot immediately identify the important information contained within the e-mail, there is a very strong chance that they will not take the time to find out what it is.

By ensuring that your customers can easily identify the key areas of interest, you can significantly increase the chances of you generating conversions from your e-mail.

For example, a recent e-mail from Wallbarn was sent out informing their customers that they had the opportunity to access free tickets to the recent Grand Designs Live exhibition.

The screenshot below highlights how this message was portrayed.

No. 2 – Focus On Mobile Optimisation

There is a very strong possibility that your e-mail will be viewed via a mobile or smart device. As such, the e-mail must be optimised for viewing via these devices.

Our advice regarding creating a mobile optimised e-mail as is as follows:

  • Keep the amount of text to a minimum – short snappy messages are the way to go
  • Use clear CTAs (Call to Actions) – don’t make your potential customers guess what you want them to do!
  • One click buttons are user friendly and time saving

No. 3 – Creating A Sense of Urgency

Things that can wait are often forgotten. As such, creating a sense of urgency is a tried and tested way to engage potential customers in your message.

By injecting a sense of urgency (an expiring offer for example) into your subject line, you can take significant steps towards ensuring recipients actually want to see what is contained within the e-mail.

Let Us Know What You Think

If you struggle to create interesting and informative content for your email subscribers, contact Footprint Web Design today. We can help to create a comprehensive online marketing campaign for your business which will drive the right people to your website.

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3 Factors That Are Shaping Local SEO

Local SEO is important. It has been for many years and will be for many more. If your business focuses on a local area, tapping into this can be the difference between the success and failure of your website.

However, it is essential to remember that achieving high ranking local search results requires the implementation of specific SEO strategies.

Changes in Google’s ranking algorithms are frequent and the past few months have seen the following

  • Reduction from Local 7-pack to a 3-pack
  • Increase in importance of online reviews
  • Penguin 4.0
  • Google dashboard updates
  • + Many more

This all pulls together to ensure that effective local SEO requires a varied approach and should be left to the professionals!3 Factors That Are Shaping Local SEO

Local Search Is Harder Than Before

With 7 slots up for grabs in the first page Google Maps listings it used to be fairly simple to achieve a first page ranking. However, as these numbers were reduced, finding additional ways to optimise both your website and your Google Maps listing has become harder and more important than ever before.

It was not too long ago that simply claiming and optimising your businesses ‘Google My Business’ listing would likely be enough to obtain a high ranking but with the drop from seven slots to three slots, local businesses are facing much stiffer competition.

Your Locations Is Still Hugely Important

Google knows precisely where the person making an online search is based at the moment they make their search. It is this location that impacts the specific results that show up in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Google is now beginning to take this further by narrowing down the radius of the displayed results to ensure that locally based businesses (and therefore more relevant businesses) obtain higher rankings.

This is good news for businesses that are located away from the centre of a town/city as this is helping to level the playing field with businesses who have a prime location.

Your Reputation Is Still Crucial

This is not exactly a newsflash! There can be no doubt whatsoever that businesses have been trading off their reputations for many years. The consumers addition of reviews to your website, your Google Maps listing, your Social Media accounts and your directory listings can play a critical role in helping to shine a light on the level of service that your customers can expect to receive.

Please Note – Not only do these reviews play a pivotal role in the way your business is viewed, they are also a key signal to Google whether your business is trustworthy – or not.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Employ an SEO Expert

At Footprint Web Design, we understand the value of SEO. However, there remains a degree of scepticism regarding its effectiveness for all businesses.

Whether you are running a multi-national company or a small locally based business, if you have a website (you really should!), SEO is crucial if you would like to make the most of it.

In our blog today we are going to take a closer look at 5 reasons you should turn to an SEO expert to push your website forward.

No. 1 – SEO is the key to drawing people to your website

With a huge number of people turning to the internet when looking for products and services, you will miss out on a huge number of potential customers without an optimised website.5 Reasons Why You Should Employ an SEO Expert

No. 2 – SEO experts understand which steps to follow

There are many different theories relating to what can contribute towards a successful SEO campaign. Only through extensive experience will someone be able to tap into the right target areas without wasting time on areas which are unlikely to work.

No. 3 – SEO experts offer the best value for money

SEO should always be viewed as an investment rather than an expense. As such, an experienced SEO company will know precisely how to make your investment work for you.

Whether this involves exploring Social Media channels, optimising your website or a combination of the two, all angles will be explored.

No. 4 – SEO experts will allow you to focus on your areas of strength

There are barely enough hours in the day as it is. Do you want to add another responsibility onto your workload? Leaving the management of your website to an expert will allow you to focus upon your own business.

No. 5 – Stay up-to-date with Google’s changes.

SEO is a constantly evolving process. Without someone dedicated to keep up to date with Google’s changes, it will be next to impossible to implement an effective SEO strategy.

If you would like to put your website in the hands of a company who will take it forward, please contact Footprint Web Design today.

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