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How To Create a Google My Business Listing

To add your business information to Google Maps, Search and other Google properties, create a Google My Business listing (or get access to one, if it exists). Use Google My Business for free to manage how your business information appears across Google, including Search and Maps.

Follow the steps below to add or claim your business listing:

Using A Desktop or Laptop

To add or claim your business profile, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google My Business.
  2. In the top right-hand corner, click Start now.
  3. Sign in to your Google Account, or create one if you don’t already use Google services.
  4. Enter the name of your business and click Next.
  5. Choose whether you want your business location to appear on Google Maps.
    • If you serve customers at your business address:
      1. Choose Yes, then click Next.
      2. Enter your business address, then click Next.
        Note: If you also serve customers outside your business address, you’ll have the option to list your service areas as well.
    • If you don’t serve customers at your business address:
      1. Choose No, then click Next.
      2. List your service areas, then click Next.
  6. Use the search field to select a business category, then click Next.
  7. Enter a phone number or website URL for your business, then click Next.
    Note: You’ll also have the option to create a free website based on your information.
  8. To complete sign-up and verify your connection to this business, click Finish.
  9. Select a verification option.
    • To verify at another time, under ‘Verify later’, click Later. If you’re not authorised to manage the business, find the person in your organisation who’s authorised and continue the process.

Note: If you see a page that says ‘This listing has already been claimed’, click Request access and follow the directions to claim your business. Learn more about how to request ownership.

The Google Street View Car

Using A Mobile or Smart Device

  1. Open the Google My Business app.
  2. Sign in with the Google Account that you’d like to use to manage your business.
    • If this is your first time adding a business to Google, sign in with the Google Account that you’d like to use to manage your business and tap Continue.
    • If you’ve added a business before, tap More, then tap the name of your business to reveal a list of all listings in your account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select + Create new business.
  3. If you see a dialogue letting you know that someone else has verified the business, follow these steps.
  4. Enter your business name and information and agree to the Terms of Service. Tap Continue when you’re ready to create a listing for your business.

Note: Use a computer to use more advanced editing features, including adding service areas to your Google My Business listing.

Use Google Maps to claim your business

To claim your business on Google Maps, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google My Business app.
  2. Search for your business.
  3. Open the business information panel, then scroll down and tap Claim this business.

Further Information

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Can WhatsApp Help Your Business?

WhatsApp Business is a free to download app available on Android and iPhone, and was built with the small business owner in mind. WhatsApp Business makes interacting with customers easy by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

It’s also intended to feel and work just like WhatsApp Messenger. You can use it to do everything that you’re used to doing, from messaging to sending photos.

Some of the features we currently offer in the app include:

  • Business profile to list important information, such as a company’s address, email and website.
  • Statistics to see how many messages were successfully sent, delivered, and read.
  • Messaging tools to quickly respond to customers.

You can learn how to download it from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

WhatsApp can help you provide customer support and deliver important notifications to your customers.

If you’re not a business, there’s no need to download this separate app. You can continue using your WhatsApp Messenger account for free to talk to friends, family and businesses.

Whatsapp For Business

Business Profile

Create a business profile with helpful information for your customers like your address, business description, email address, and website.

Quick Replies

Quick Replies let you save and reuse messages you frequently send so you can easily answer common questions in no time.


Organize your contacts or chats with labels, so you can easily find them again.

Messaging Tools

Send your customers the information they are expecting where they want to receive it. Respond to questions and provide support.

WhatsApp Business API

For medium and large businesses, the WhatsApp Business API powers your communication with customers all over the world, so you can connect with them on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way.

Contact Us

If you would like any further information regarding the suitability of using WhatsApp for your business, contact us today.

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