Whilst some SEO agencies choose to dive straight into off site SEO, we are firm believers in the importance of creating a rock solid foundation for your website.

There are many steps which need to be followed to ensure that your website is ‘Google friendly’ but below we have outlined 3 of the most important.

Never Underestimate The Importance of Effective SEO

There can be little doubt that an awful lot of work goes into creating a working website. A fully working website is highly likely to be easy to use, 3 Steps To Onsite SEO Successfunctional, offering a clear brand identity and call to action. Typically your website will be an extension of your company of which you can be very proud. However, what is the use of a brilliant website if no-one can find it???

Follow our 3 steps below to help ensure that your website gets noticed by the search engines.

Step No. 1 – Optimise All META Tags

The addition and optimisation of all META tags to your pages (including both titles and descriptions) is absolutely essential if you would like to inform Google precisely what each page of your website is about.

Typically, you would include the target keyword within the page title and description whilst trying to ensure that the description reads well and makes sense.

Top Tip – Ever wondered where Google takes the information from that it displays in its search results? There is a very good chance that it will be taken from your specified META title and descriptions.

Step No. 2 – Make Sure Your Pages Contain Enough Content

Writing engaging and informative content isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea but there can be no escaping the importance of quality content.

By including text on your website (generally aiming for a minimum of 400 words) will take significant steps towards helping Google to understand about the products or services that you offer.

Top Tip – Do not include too much text within any images added to your website as Google will not be able to read this.

Step No. 3 – Help Google Find Your Images

Images are very important when looking to optimise both the performance of your website and also the look of your page.

However, did you know that images can also be used to create another avenue to your website?

Google is excellent at picking up images and particularly if you are an online shop, you may find that if you properly tag your images (alt tags and META keywords), you receive a significant amount of traffic coming to you through Google images.

Further Information

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