In an effort to forge ahead of their competitors, many SEO ‘experts’ throughout the world seek to offer a range of weird and wonderful techniques designed to guarantee the top rankings.

Whilst some experimentation is a must for a successful online marketing campaign, many of these services are offered at the expense of some of the absolute fundamental aspects of SEO and this can never be the case.

Below we have identified 5 of the most important SEO boxes which must be ticked during any Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

Box No. 1 – Mobile Optimisation

After Google’s recent “Mobilegeddon” update, the importance of ensuring that your website is optimised for viewing via a mobile device is now more5 Fundamental Aspects of SEO Which Must Not Be Ignored important than ever.

All of the websites designed by the Footprint Web Design team are fully responsive, which means that they can be viewed consistently no matter what type of device is being used to access it.

Without some level of specialist mobile optimisation, your website may be consigned to the also-rans in the mobile search results.

Please Note – Beyond enhancing search results, a well optimised website will also load quicker. The speed a website loads is a key ranking factor with Google and the quicker a site loads, the better the experience for the user.

Mobile optimisation has become more important than ever with the release of figures indicating more online searches are made using a mobile device as opposed to a desktop/laptop.

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SEO Box No. 2 – Site Navigation

Effective website navigation is a must if you want to find yourself in Google’s good graces.ux-787980_1280

Whether the navigation helps web users’ access information, services or products, your website navigation must be optimised so that it is easy for users to find their required destination on your website.

When developing a website, we ensure that wherever possible, we use a helpful navigation bar along with interlinking content to ensure that no individual web page is ever more than a click or 2 away. This helps us to ensure that your web visitors are ideally positioned to arrive at their required destination as quickly and easily as possible.

SEO Box No. 3 – Fill Your Website With Informative Content

It is absolutely essential that each page on your website contains a significant amount of descriptive, accurate content.tablet-690032_1280

Typically, the content on your ‘Home page’ should be created to ensure that any visitor can easily understand exactly what your business offers (i.e services /products etc). Whereas the ‘About’ page, is the ideal place to list important facts about your company.

You should also ensure that each page of your website contacts your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number). The footer of each page offers the ideal location for this information.

SEO Box No. 4 – Regular Addition of Fresh Content

Engaging with your visitors can be one of the most important ways to convert web visitors into paying customers. The addition of a blog to your website offers the perfect method of adding fresh and tailored content to your website on a regular basis.

Ideally speaking, regardless of your market sector, you should look to add at least one new article per week, although more will be great!

You should aim for any new content to be original, informative, and useful for the audience which you are targeting. Without that ongoing fresh content, your website will run the risk of falling behind forward thinking competitors.

SEO Box No 5 – Make Your Presence Felt on Social Media

Don’t be shy about using Social Media accounts to promote your business. They are easy and free to use and should be used regularly.finger-769300_1280

Creating Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google + accounts (to name just a few) offer a number of very popular channels which you can use to both promote your products and services. They also offer the ideal way to open lines of communication with prospective customers.

By using these channels, you will be able to build a network of contacts, connections, whilst tapping into a real online community. All the while providing your followers with new content, relevant company updates, and of course exclusive offers.

Please Note – The more established your social presence, the higher esteem will be in the eyes of Google.

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