How do you access the internet? It was not too long ago that you would not have had a choice. Without a laptop or desktop, you simply could not access the internet. However, not only have the number of options available to access the ‘net’ increased dramatically, the most common method of browsing the web is now via mobile and tablet devices.

What Does This Mean?

For web developers across the globe, the need to create websites which are optimised for ease of viewing via mobile devices has been important for some time now. However, with Google introducing a new ‘AMP Project’, the question must now be asked, is a simple ‘responsive web design’ enough to ensure your client receives the best possible service.

What is AMP?

Google’s new AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project has been designed to ensure that websites load via mobile devices as quickly as possible, therefore offering the best possible user experience.What Is AMP and How Can It Help You?

How Does It Work?

AMP works by requiring web developers such as ourselves to use a narrow set of web technologies to create pages. The majority of JavaScript is forbidden and as a result, web pages can now load significantly faster.

To use AMP, we will create an alternate version of your site which conforms to all of the relevant specifications which have been outlined by the AMP project. These standards share a lot of similarities with traditional HTML but are essentially stripped down to what Google considers to be the bare minimum.

For example – You will give your AMP-optimized site a separate address, for example:

Sites that follow these specifications to the letter will are believed to receive special treatment from Google. Starting recently, AMP-optimised news stories now appear at the top of Google’s mobile search results and there are an increasing number of reports stating that AMP optimised sites are receiving preferable search engine rankings when compared to non-AMP optimised sites on mobile search results.

Further Information

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