Apps are the new face of eCommerce in the UK. The good news is that apps can be more cost-effective and cloud-friendly compared to many other current alternatives.

Don’t Miss Out On This Much Web Traffic!

A recent study* highlighted the fact that mobile devices now account for well over 50% of all web traffic and this figure is projected to continue rising steadily in the near future.

Therefore the best way for businesses to reach consumers is by adopting a mobile-first approach on all web-based activities. This includes developing and deploying apps for smartphones and tablets as well as responsive websites that can render well, irrespective of screen size.

We’re passionate about creating useful, user-friendly apps that provide our customers with great ROI and which take your customer’s experiences to new levels.ios-android

We can create apps for:

  • Apple iOS – iOS Development is one of the core strengths of the Footprint app development team. Our highly skilled team are knowledgeable about all things iOS.
  • Android – Android is currently the most popular mobile platform and covers a very large range of devices. Our team is ideally placed to help develop and launch your Android App.
  • html5– HTML5 and Hybrid Apps offer a cost-effective middle ground between mobile websites and native apps.

Innovative, Reliable, And Attractive

Our ability to create effective mobile applications represents the cutting edge of modern web design technology. Every app designed and developed by the Footprint team is created to be reliable, user-friendly and fast.

We guarantee that your app will work flawlessly as well as offering an enticing aesthetic appeal which is known to be very attractive to the modern-day user.

Whether you require an iOS, Android, or Windows app, our team has the experience, knowledge, and skills required for the job.

The Future of E-Commerce

Research carried out by IMRG and Capgemini in 2015*, found that mobile commerce accounts for 51% of all eCommerce sales in the UK. Moreover, data from a report published by Yodel shows that 76% of consumers in the UK purchase their Christmas presents online. Most of these sales occur via dedicated apps, meaning the development of your own app can offer a cost-effective way of boosting revenues while growing brand reaches at the same time. Businesses that fail to take advantage of this opportunity risk losing their market share to competitors who have invested in mobile commerce.

The Perfect Solution!

Thanks to advances in cloud-computing technology, the cost of mobile app development has dropped significantly since the dotcom era. As such, entrepreneurs running start-ups and SMBs, all the way to multi-national companies have the ability to turn to us to develop mobile apps that suit their needs for as little as a few hundred pounds.

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