Surrey Driving Force operates in an extremely competitive industry and approached us to help increase their online visibility through its website and Social Media channels.

It was their goal to rank well for specific industry related keywords in a market which already includes a number of well-established competitors operating with significant online marketing budgets.

In addition to achieving an increase in traffic, they also wanted to improve their online conversions to attract more enquiries.

About Surrey Driving Force

Surrey Driving Force offers first class driving lessons across most of the Surrey area and further afield. Established in 2007, they offer great value for money and the service we provide is second to none.

Their aim is to teach their students to drive safely and confidently in the fewest possible number of lessons whilst creating an enjoyable and stress-free environment.

The Goals

The goals of our client were to increase their overall levels of visibility and enquiries via their website for terms related to ‘driving lessons’, ‘driving schools’, ‘driving instructors’ along with a number of other related key terms for their target locations.

SDF stated that their goal was to be able to achieve high rankings for keywords that would bring a significant amount of traffic to their website and in turn allow them to maximise the conversion rate of web visitors.

The Strategy

Because Surrey Driving Force’s original website was designed in standard HTML, we strongly believed that a re-design incorporating the WordPress CMS would offer the desired results.

Through our extensive research into the market and keywords associated with it, we were able to pinpoint the specific areas and keywords that we would be able to exploit in the search engine rankings. By establishing SDF in the search engine rankings for their chosen products we would be able to bring people to the site with a great chance of converting them from visitors to customers.

It was also important that we enabled SDF to engage with the community. Social media is an important tool in the engineering industry and through a combination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a dedicated YouTube channel, we have been able to tap into an online community for the site that would help engage their customers, whilst spreading information related to SDF and their products across social media channels.

Our overall strategy was to increase conversions and traffic through targeting specific keywords where other driving schools’ websites are not as visible, as well as communicating with the community with social media, blogging and product content.

Project Specifications

  • Create a new user-friendly website designed to highlight the complete range of SDF’s services using WordPress as the CMS.
  • Transfer all existing relevant information from the old site to the new.
  • Create a comprehensive Social Media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Implement effective SEO techniques to ensure the website is ‘Google-friendly’.
  • Highlight customer testimonials
  • Highlight all available services.
  • Incorporate a blog which would allow a constant stream of relevant industry information and insight.

Information and Inspiration

We knew that it was important that we designed a website which would grab the reader’s attention from the moment they arrived whilst retaining an air of ‘user-friendliness’.

We, therefore, designed the website to maximise its space and display its information in a clear and readable way whilst retaining the overall feel and aesthetic appeal of their previous website.

We have utilised large, visual tabs and drop down menus on the homepage in order to emphasise the important information available through the website.

Intelligent Styling

As well as having the ability to inform, it is also absolutely essential that we ensure any business website is designed to look and feel relevant to the subject area, so for Surrey Driving Force we kept a high level of continuity by using the existing business colour scheme along with utilising the trade-related imagery to help engage the users with their respective interest and immediately lets them know that they are in the right place.

Search Engine Optimisation

By clearly establishing the areas which SDF wanted to target, we utilised a combination of on-page and off-page techniques to significantly increase the search engine visibility of the website.

SEO Services and Strategies utilised:

  • Targeted keyword phrase research using proven SEO keyword tools to identify the best SEO keyword phrases
  • Analysis of competitor website SEO strategies to allow for effective targeting of specific keyword phrases
  • Applying fully optimised meta-tag standards to all relevant pages
  • SEO copywriting current on-page content to ensure effective targeting by Search Engine spiders
  • Submission of XML Sitemap to Webmaster Tools format to website core directory
  • Introduction of Schema coding to the site
  • Creation of Google Maps listing to focus on the target locations

The Results

Since the start of the campaign, we have:

  • Increased total visits to the site by over 1600%*
  • Increased unique visits to the site by 1000%*

When factoring in the considerable numbers of visitors to the website initially, the increased figures are tremendous.

We have also:

  • Obtained increased rankings for all targeted keywords
  • Increased Social Media reach significantly with an excellent following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Key Points

  • The finished website is excellent and has achieved our goals of creating a site that looks great and performs equally well.
  • We re-thought their keyword strategy.
  • Implementation of steps to maximise the conversion rate of their web traffic.
  • We attained top 10 rankings across the portfolio of keywords over a 6 month period.
  • They are still a very happy client of ours to this day.

Below are just a small sample of the high ranking key terms that we have obtained for Surrey Driving Force.

Driving Lessons Surrey


Driving Instructors Surrey


Driving School Surrey



By optimising and integrating the existing information used on the original Surrey Driving Force website into the detailed plan of action, we were able to create a quality online solution tailored specifically to the needs of SDF.

The details provided on the website are accurate, easy to read and form a comprehensive overview of the services available. Initial results have been hugely positive with the number of visitors coming to the website increasing on a monthly basis along with some excellent feedback from customers.

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