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Would Instagram Be Useful For Your Business?

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’? If your business can tap into the visual aspect of your products or services, the creation of an Instagram account can offer the perfect method of spreading the good word about your company.

Why Instagram?

Despite launching only 5 years ago, the popularity of Instagram has exploded and it can now play a pivotal role in growing any online presence.2017-01-10_1353

With an estimated average of 500,000,000 daily users*, it now has the backing of Facebook and is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Key Differences

Unlike other popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has been designed to be completely image-led. It is this key difference that has played a pivotal role in becoming so popular.

Whereas it can be difficult trying to choose the right words for Facebook or narrow down your Twitter update to 140 characters without losing your message, Instagram offers the pure power of sharing images.

In addition to allowing users to post images, Instagram’s filters and editing options mean that almost anyone can become a skilled artist to create images which are stunning and designed to capture the attention of your audience.

Driving Traffic To Your Website

Although Instagram does not offer the opportunity to post links within your Instagram posts, you do have the option to add links to your website into the profile section of your account. When done correctly, you can help to direct potential customers quickly and easily to your website.

Further Information

Footprint Web Design has been at the forefront of web design, development and marketing for nearly 20 years. If you are looking for a website that truly represents your business, or advice on how to make your site stand out, then contact us today on 01883 372 488, or via email at

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How Important is Social Media For My Business?

If we said that we may be able to help to get your customers to help spread the word about you and your company, would that be something that you’d be interested in? We all understand how important customer referrals can be, due to the fact that referred customers are often far easier (at least initially) to do business with than customers with whom you have had no previous interaction. Few avenues offer a better opportunity to get these wheels in motion than Social Media avenues.

Without wishing to put too fine a point on this, if you’re not connected properly with different social media outlets, the chances are your competitors will be and this will help to give them an edge. Did you know figures indicate that there are in excess of 500 million users on Facebook alone? With upwards of 50% of these users checking in on a daily basis to see what their friends, family and acquaintances are up to and what they are talking about, it’s very important to ensure that your customers have the opportunity to tell their friends what a great job you have done for them!

Why is Social Media marketing important?

When used correctly, social media marketing can play a pivotal role in the marketing plan for your business. With so many people (and therefore potential customers) using social media outlets How Important is Social Media For My Business?such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and blogs, it’s so important to ensure that you are in a position to make your presence felt.

How else can social media be used to help?

  • Engage Your Audience: Regardless of your particular line of business, the ability to engage your audience can be key. Of course people will always have the ability to pick up the phone or send you an e-mail but in a world where patience is thin, social media outlets offer the quickest and easiest way for people to contact you.

By making sure that you post regularly, along with posting the right content and questions, you will open up the possibility to draw new and existing customers into a discussion, or at least interacting with your business.

  • Boost Sales: There’s no escaping the fact that ultimately you would like to turn these new connections into actual sales. With the correct use of social media tools, you will gain the ability to attract new customers and boost your sales.

With the initial creation of just a Facebook business page and a Twitter account, you can start attracting potential customers, and hopefully begin turning those new connections into customers through a combination of regular posts and incentive deals ensuring that not following you is just too good an opportunity to miss.

How important is Social Media to SEO?

The lines between social media and SEO have never been thinner and this is a trend that is set to continue.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a successful campaign is the ability to create unique engaging content. If you want to crack Google’s first page, your website simply must have excellent content.

The amount of engaging content which you can add to your social networking channels will help Google to endorse your brand with a certain amount of “authority”, just as it views you as an authority in your specific area due to the amount of people commenting, liking, sharing, re-tweeting, etc.  The higher the authority that your website receives, the higher up the rankings that you will go.

Sounds simple doesn’t it!

Further Information

If you’d like to speak to use regarding how we can help you to use social media channels to grow your company, give us a call on 01883 372488 or contact us via Facebook and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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3 Reasons Your Business Must Have Social Media

Have you registered your business with Twitter and Facebook? To some business owners, social media marketing is something to be embraced but for others it is still something that they find difficult to understand and just a little too complex.

We are always here to help promote your business via Social Media channels but should you still need a little convincing, we have drawn up a list of 3 reasons we believe that your business must embrace Social Media.

No. 1 – It’s a Free Advertising Platform

The beauty of nearly all social media platforms is that they are free to set up and use. Whilst you can opt for paid options in the future should you wish3 Reasons Your Business Must Have Social Media (such as Facebook post boosts), all of the major Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn offer their standards services for free.

Twitter for example is completely free to use and offers possibly the fastest and most user friendly method of contacting your customers and building up a large number of followers.

If you have not already created a Social Media presence for your business, there is every chance that you are already lagging behind your competition.

No. 2 – Social Media Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

Taking the time to be active on your chosen social media channels is very likely to help increase the amount of traffic being received by your website.

As a business, targeting the right people via Social Media and offering well thought out content can help you to grow your audience and help to encourage them to visit your website to find out more information.

No. 3 – It Offers a Great Method of Sharing Content

Until relatively recently, finding methods of distributing content to a widespread audience was a costly and time consuming process. However, thanks to the creation of the various Social Media channels, it is now easier than ever before.

When using your Social Media channels for business, you have the perfect opportunity to share it via your chosen channels.Could Twitter Soon Be Taking On New Importance For SEO?

Just in case you are still a little unsure, check out some of the following statistics relating to Twitter users.

With approximately 190 million unique visitors using Twitter every month and 2.1 billion Twitter search engine queries every day*, you would be crazy not to enhance your presence on this hugely popular Social Network.

Here are some interesting business facts and stats about Twitter that are worth checking out**:

  • 33% of Twitter users follow a brand
  • 79% of Twitter users are more likely to recommend brand they follow
  • 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow
  • 85% of people say they feel more connected to the business after they follow them

**Source –

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Could Facebook’s New In-App Search Be a Problem For Google?

Until recently, there can be little doubt that mobile link sharing consisted of a clumsy combination of app switching along with copy & pasting.

However, in an effort to enable more people to easily post links, Facebook is testing an in-app keyword search engine that lets you find websites and articles to add to your status updates.

Alongside buttons to add photos or locations, a number of iOS users have been provided with an “Add a Link” option.

All they had to do was type in a query, and Facebook will show a list of matching links which you may wish to share, allowing you to preview what’s on Facebookthose sites, and let you tap one to add it to your status with a caption or share statement.

The results seem to be sorted by what users are most likely to share, highlighting recently published sites that have been posted by lots of people.

A Small but Important Change

Whilst some Facebook users noticed a seemingly small change to their iOS app, this ‘small’ change could be a game changer for Facebook.

While updating their statuses, in addition to options for adding an image, tagging a friend, picking just the right sticker, or sharing their locations, they saw a new icon.

“We’re piloting a new way to add a link that’s been shared on Facebook to your posts and comments,” a Facebook spokesperson confirmed to WIRED.browser-773215_1280 Simply put: This is Facebook’s in-app, in-house search engine. And it’s a potential nightmare for Google.

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Creating a Captive Audience

Whilst in the big scheme of things, the current process for sharing a link may not seem to be too bad, for Facebook this is considered to be a real problem due to the fact that much of that time is spent outside of Facebook itself. In most cases, in fact, it’s spent with Google.

It’s not very hard to see why this is a problem for Facebook. The social network would rather you not spend time anywhere else at all, except possibly on Messenger, which is still Facebook, and therefore no problem.

Losing who knows how many engaged minutes to Google, a competitor for the mobile ad revenue on which Facebook has hinged its future, presents an even more significant frustration, especially when those users are presumably just heading right back to Facebook eventually anyway. It’s throwing money away, like running the world’s most popular bar but sending people next door if they want to order an IPA.

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If you would like any more information, please contact the Footprint Web Design Surrey team on Tel. No. 01883 372488 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


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