I’ve been doing SEO Search Engine Optimisation for three months and it’s not working

A three month old new site with a limited number of pages is throwing out quite a small net to capture search engine enquiries.

Please bear in mind with SEO that it is an investment that does not give an immediate return, but once it’s in place it’s there for ever and will continue to give you enquiries on an on-going basis.

Compare that with a newspaper advert or leaflet where once you’ve spent the money that’s it, it’s gone. SEO should be part of every small businesses marketing budget because more and more people are searching for goods and services on-line, I’d also suggest that this marketing budget should also include monthly newspaper ads in relevant local press and leaflets to the types of properties that are likely to be prospective customers.

We do though have clients at Footprint whose business is purely fed from the SEO carried out on their web-sites; a good example of this is who had seen good and steady expansion in their business over the past two years solely due to SEO – but this has only happened because they have consistently invested in SEO.

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I’m not getting many hits from my Google Maps Listing?

A Google Maps listing only gets lots of hits if there are lots of people making location specific searches for your product or service. For some products and services there is not a volume of local searches, for example for window shutters there are very small number of searches for say shutters Surrey but a greater number for Cedarwood Shutters.

A Google Maps listing is a very good thing to have as will assist you being found locally, but its effectiveness will depend on your industry and the number of local searches.

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Why not target KEY WORDS 1 with 10,000 monthly searches rather than KEY WORDS 2 with only 100 queries?

This is the biggest mistake small businesses make with SEO and search engine optimisation, when you have a limited budget it is far better to target the more specific keywords will lower number of searches and less competition than aiming at the more generic keywords with higher numbers of searches and more competition.

For our many successful SEO clients a high proportion of their hits are for specific and detailed search phrases and not the primary one you would think of in that industry. For example if you are a small business with a web-site selling children’s clothes, you’d have far more chance of being found on a search engine for “panache childrens clothes” (with low competition and only 91 local searches) compared to “childrens clothes” with very high competition and 246,000 searches.

When the more the business grows and has budget to invest in SEO we can then start to target the higher traffic higher competition key words and key phrases.

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