The emerging popularity of social media channels over the past few years has resulted in an increasing number of businesses seeking to utilise their potential to help promote their products and services.

Whilst many people are fully accustomed to using Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn, Instagram is a little more of a mystery due.
As we stated above, a picture can be worth a 1000 words and as such, Instagram offers the ideal method of using images related to your business to help promote your products and services.

A great example of this is a recent account that we set up for a driving school in Surrey called Surrey Driving Force. With a target demographic of instagram-1183715_1280people aged between 17 and 25, which ties in very well with many Instagram users, this popular driving school has been able to create quite a buzz in the local areas simply by posting pictures of many of the learner drivers who have just successfully passed their test.

This is clearly just one small example of the potential of Instagram as a Social Media platform and below we have outlined a few more.

No. 1 – Sharing Visual Content

Visual stimulants such as videos and images play a critical role in any online marketing plan. Offering the ability to get a message across without asking the target audience to read through a passage of text to get your point, this is a method of marketing which should never be overlooked.

By using the #hashtag feature (as utilised by Twitter), you can even help to stretch the reach of your posts even further.

No. 2 – Share Relevant Industry News With Followers

Posts and images do not have to be limited to information linked directly to your business. By sharing news about trends and noteworthy events in twitter-292994_1920your industry you will be able to connect with people by providing them with interesting information and news.

No. 3 – Running Events and Quizzes

There can be a bit of a grey area when it comes to running competitions via Social Media as some platforms are very strict on the upload of content, however there is absolutely nothing to stop you running events and quizzes to help create a little bit of a buzz as well as promoting brand awareness.

Therefore if you have not already created an Instagram account, you could really be missing out on the ability to interact and draw in a lot of potential new customers.

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