Well designed websites are absolutely essential if you wish to ensure that they are successful and this is even more important in the case of e-commerce websites.

Would An E-Commerce Website Benefit Your Business?

E-commerce sites allow customers to make purchases directly through the website rather than having to place an order either via phone or e-mail. If you would like to e-commercekeep your businesses running costs down to a minimum, an e-commerce website could be the answer to your needs.

Making Sure That Customers Return

Whilst it is often visual appeal that initially draws prospective clients to a site, it will be a site that works correctly and is easy to navigate that will ensure that they return again and again.

Websites that load quickly, allow users to navigate smoothly and operate without broken links or technical glitches definitely tick many of the boxes needing to be covered to ensure visitors return.

Certain areas that we provide extra special focus on when building an e-commerce site are:

  • Search Simplification: Making sure that the search bar appears on every page of the website is hugely important as this makes the search process far easier for customers searching for a specific item.
  • Make Sure Search Options Are Plentiful: Make sure that your visitors have the option to refine their searches as much as possible. By allowing them to search by specifics including sizes and colours, they will be able to save time and make sure that their experience with you is not a frustrating one.
  • Maximise The Visuals: All guess work should be removed from the thought process of prospective customers and therefore images are particularly important on all e-commerce websites. If your images are clear representations of the items that you wish to sell, you have a far greater chance of making a successful conversion.
  • Make Sure Your Shopping Cart is Clearly Visible: Rather than insisting on customers moving back to the checkout page after each purchase, incorporating a system that which includes a shopping cart icon on each and every webpage where your items are sold makes the process quicker and easier.
  • Mark out of stock goods: Few things are more frustrating during online shopping than following the process through to the end only to find out the your chosen items are out of stock. Therefore ensuring that all items which are out of stock are marked clearly can make for a far better user experience.

Further Information

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