Whilst there are 100s of factors that Google uses to create its rankings, there is no doubt that some carry more weight than others.

Our extensive experience has taught us that a variety of techniques can help us to ensure that our clients get a push up the rankings.


Are You Overlooking These?

Below we have outlined a few aspects of web design and SEO which can often be overlooked but can play a critical in any SEO campaign.

These include but aren’t limited to:

  1. Keeping things secure Google confirmed that it uses HTTPS as a ranking factor. This can be important because any site that uses HTTPS will ensure that all users’ data is encrypted. Therefore improving both the safety and experience of the user.
  2. Keep your content fresh – Google loves the addition of fresh content to a website. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to keep adding to or tinkering with your core content, a blog can offer the perfect way to keep adding fresh, new content to your website.
  3. Submit your sitemap to Google – Submitting your sitemap to Google will ensure that Google knows precisely which pages are on your website and quickly receive notification of any updates.
  4. Do you have a need for speed?– Speed demons aren’t just linked to cars. We live in an impatient world! If your website does not load quickly, there is every chance that users will head elsewhere. Google is widely believed to prioritise websites which load quickly, particularly with mobile searches.
  5. Keep URLs Short – Whilst internet users can be impatient, so can Google! If your long-tail URL contains more than 5 words, it may not reach its full potential. Short and to the point is the order of the day!

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