One of the key features of Apple’s recently announced update to the macOS is the ability to block trackers from collecting user data when using their browser, Safari.

Here’s a screenshot from a press release Apple published yesterday taken from the Search Engine Journal:

The new version of macOS, called “Big Sur”

As you can see, the new version of Safari blocks other popular trackers such as DoubleClick, Amazon, and Optimizely.

Apple is really pushing the new levels of privacy offered by Safari as one of the primary selling points of the new browser.

“Privacy has always been built into Safari, and a new Privacy Report delivers added visibility into how Safari protects browsing activity across the web.

Users can choose when and which websites a Safari extension can work with, and tools like data breach password monitoring never reveal your password information — not even to Apple.”

What Does This Mean For Business Owners?

If you receive a significant proportion of your site traffic through Safari, this could be an issue when it comes to using Google Analytics as the user data will no longer be able to be tracked.

Whilst the number of users who use Safari as their regular browser sits at approximately 9.4% this could be worse. However, this figure increases to a 24.4% market share worldwide when mobile usage is factored in. Therefore if this new update is rolled out to mobile/smart devices as well, significant gaps in tracking can be expected.

We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks and months and will keep you updated with all of the latest news.

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