We live in an age where sharing images is common place. For business already utilising platforms including Instagram, TripAdvisor and Yelp it is difficult to overestimate just how important quality images can be. Even now though, things have just been taken up a notch.

As the saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and the ability to visually represent your business in terms of products and services offers the chance to give potential customers a valuable insight into what they will be getting for their money before they even make contact with you.

With the recently revamped Google My Business dashboard offering greater prominence to images, it is clearly more important than ever to do all that you can to ensure that your business looks its best at all times.

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To help back up this theory, a recent study makes for some interesting reading.

How important are Google My Business photos to local search performance?

As part of a recent Google My Business Insights Study, the insights of almost 50,000 businesses in 36 industries across 4 countries were studies to see if any common data streams could be found and the one below stands out from the crowd – Businesses which upload more photos to their GMB listings receive more clicks, calls and direction requests than businesses that don’t.

By ensuring that you continue to upload quality images on a regular basis along with following the tops below, you can take large strides towards ensuring the maximum levels of visibility for your business:

  1. Choosing The Correct Categories: Google provides an extensive list of categories from which you can choose. Simply choose the most relevant option from the available choices as your primary category and then choose as many as you can that relate to your products/services.
  2. Use GMB As A Social Media Channel: You can make your listing more attractive by adding posts, videos, images etc which can be posted through the GMB dashboard. Turning GMB into a Social Media channel, the most recent posts will be added to the bottom of your GMB listing during search results and images may also appear in Google Image search results.
  3. Encourage As Many Reviews As Possible: It is not possible to overemphasise the importance of reviews. Simply ask your customers to review and rate on your listing. Online reviews play a crucial role in helping to separate competing businesses and the chances are, the more positive reviews on your account, the higher your listing may rank and the greater confidence new customers will have that your services are reputable.

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