For many businesses, maximising the visibility of their website in local areas is the key between success or failure. If you are a plumber or an electrician, ensuring that your website appears in search results for your services for people based in your area of coverage can produce a significant level of work.

As such, Local SEO can prove to be the key marketing method for any business focusing on their local geographic area. A constantly evolving area, an effective local SEO campaign can help to push you ahead of your rivals and is well-worth exploring whether you are a large business or a small business.

As with all areas of SEO, implementing local SEO is a constantly evolving process and factoring in these 3 key areas can be vital.

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Location Is Everything

Did you know that to help improve the relevance of the information provided, Google tailors search results to the precise location of the person making the search?

This is hugely important for anyone wishing to target local areas and by ticking the key boxes for you, we will ensure that you are in pole position to gain those all-important page one rankings.

Your Website Must Be Responsive

Did you know that Google generates a different set of search results on mobile and desktop devices? If you have avoided upgrading your website to ensure that it is mobile-friendly, this is a mistake that is only going to grow.

With significantly more searches being completed on mobile devices than desktops and laptops, Google takes this very seriously and with their ability to track the location of the person making the search through the GPS marker of their phone, slipping down the mobile search rankings is a dangerous prospect for local businesses.

Contact us today to see how we can ensure that your website is ‘mobile-friendly’.

Review, Reviews and More Reviews

It can come as no surprise that the reputation of a business is hugely important. If first-time customers are not coming to a business on the back of a recommendation from a trusted source, there’s every chance they will take a look at any reviews which are in place to see the type of experience other customers have received.

With many business owners still finding customer reviews (and in particular negative ones) an annoyance which they do not take seriously, they are making a major mistake.

Both Google and potential customers take these reviews seriously and it doesn’t take much homework to realise that online reviews show up frequently for all to see.

You must now do everything possible to encourage customers to leave a review and respond to them when they do.

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