If you had to guess, how many times would you imagine that the Google search engine is used each and every day? Despite being notorious for keeping their figures close to their chest, they have confirmed that their search engine is used for at least 3 billion searches per day!

A HUGE Figure!!

In a sighting that rivals the Loch Ness monster in terms of frequency, Google raised their head to confirm that the search figures have remained at the same level as when they How Many Times Do You Think Google Is Searched Each Year?previously released their statistics back in August 2012. It was during this period that, Google revealed it was doing 100 billion searches per month, or 1.2 trillion per year.

The world’s most popular search engine recently confirmed to the Search Engine Land website that it did give Backchannel the 2012 figure — over 100 billion per month, which Google rounds to 3 billion per day — for its story.

Following up, Google have now stated that the number of daily searches still holds true for today. However, they did go on to say that they were reluctant to use the word “over” in relation to how current figures relate to previous as it leaves things open-ended (and by implication, higher).

Google’s Growth in the Search Market

Taking into account Google’s reluctance to speak in terms relative to growth over the past 2 years, it has been left to other sources to speculate.

comScore provides its own third-party estimate of how many searches the major search engines handle. For 2012, comScore had Google doing roughly 110 billion searches per month worldwide – not that far off what Google itself was claiming.

Unfortunately, comScore hasn’t released updated worldwide figures since then. We’re checking on this. But it does release figures for the US each month. That provides a fairly conservative way to benchmark Google’s growth.

Changing Landscape?

With the recent news that Firefox is now using Yahoo as the primary search engine on its web browser, speculation has been rife that Google’s position at the top of the market could be about to come under threat. However, with visitor numbers such as these, it seems very unlikely that a serious threat to Google is anywhere close.

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