Without doubt, one of the questions that we most commonly asked is how to access an e-mail account using an iPhone.  There’s no doubt that the ability to keep track of your e-mails whilst on the move is one of the best reasons to own an iPhone but if you don’t know how to set the account up, you’re never going to get the benefits!

To help guide you through the process we have set up a quick and easy to follow step by step guide to help you set you e-mail account up.

The good news with this process is that it’s exactly the same whether you are setting up your e-mail on an iPhone, iPad, or even an iPod touch and there is no need to be nervous about trying this.

First things first though, there is a little bit of information that you must have been you can get started.E-Mail Setup

  • What kind of email account you have. Is it GMail? Hotmail? Yahoo? Or perhaps something else?
  • Your full email address (e.g. yourname@gmail.com) and your password.
  • If your email account isn’t through GMail, Hotmail or Yahoo you it is crucial that you identify your username and password. Generally speaking, your username will be your full email address, but if you find that does not work, it will more than likely just be the portion of your e-mail address found on the left hand side of the ‘@’ symbol. If you are still unsure of these details, contact you e-mail address provider to find out further information before proceeding.
  • If your email account isn’t through Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, you must find out the details regarding your incoming mail server (either IMAP or POP) and outgoing mail server (SMTP). If you don’t know what these are again, contact the company that provides your email address (or use their online support centre) to find out. Generally, these servers will just be mail.domain.com (domain.com being the part of your email address to the right of the ‘@’ sign, such as gmail.com or hotmail.co.uk). It’s always best to ask and make sure though.

Once you are certain that you have obtained the correct information, you simply need to follow the 10 steps detailed below to add your e-mail account to the phone:

Step 1 – Tap the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone.

Step 2 – Tap the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” tab, then tap “Add Account…”

Step 3 – Choose the type of account you want to add. If you add Microsoft Exchange, GMail, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail, you will only be asked to enter the very basic details:

  • Name
  • E-Mail
  • Password
  • Account Description (this can be pretty much anything you want to use but is optional)

If you are setting up one of these accounts, simply tap next after entering the details and you will be done!

If however you need to tap the “Other” option, please continue on to step 4.

Step 4 – After tapping “Other” you will be presented with a variety of options. You will need to focus on the top one, tap “Add Mail Account.”

Step 5 – Start off by entering your name, email address, password and account description (optional). When you have completed this, tap “Next.”

Step 6This step will require you to pay close attention. Firstly, you’ll need to choose from either the IMAP or POP options. With a POP3 account your email software connects to the mail server and downloads e-mail messages to your computer. Most of the time the e-mails will be deleted from the mail server after being downloaded. With an IMAP account your email software leaves email messages on the mail server. IMAP allows you to view emails from the email software in multiple locations (such as home computers and office computers) without the need of transferring messages or files between them. Once you have made your choice, tap on the relevant button.

Step 7 – Once you see the next screen, you will notice that your name and email address have automatically been filled using the information you typed in on the previous screen. In the incoming mail section you’ll see your host name (your IMAP or POP server) and username are left blank, however. Fill those in with the information you received from your email provider. There is a very strong chance that it will be mail.domain.com for the host name and your email address for the username.

Step 8 – In the Outgoing Mail Server section, do exactly the same thing. The information should be the same, but the host name might be different because this host name refers to your SMTP server. Your email provider will be able to tell you what the host name is, so be sure to ask if you don’t know. When you’re done, tap “Next.”

Step 9 – You’ll now be asked to choose what types of information you want to use with this account. Generally you’ll only have the option to get Mail and Notes. Mail will be turned on by default and notes will be turned off. If you want to store notes in this email account, change the slider to the on position.

Step 10 – Finally, just tap the “Save” button and you’re all done.

You’ve cracked it! Your e-mail account should now be set up on your iPhone.