A three month old new site with a limited number of pages is throwing out quite a small net to capture search engine enquiries.

Please bear in mind with SEO that it is an investment that does not give an immediate return, but once it’s in place it’s there for ever and will continue to give you enquiries on an on-going basis.

Compare that with a newspaper advert or leaflet where once you’ve spent the money that’s it, it’s gone. SEO should be part of every small businesses marketing budget because more and more people are searching for goods and services on-line, I’d also suggest that this marketing budget should also include monthly newspaper ads in relevant local press and leaflets to the types of properties that are likely to be prospective customers.

We do though have clients at Footprint whose business is purely fed from the SEO carried out on their web-sites; a good example of this is www.surreydrivingforce.co.uk who had seen good and steady expansion in their business over the past two years solely due to SEO – but this has only happened because they have consistently invested in SEO.