If you have paid any attention to our blog over the past few years, you will know how strongly we feel about the importance of local SEO.

For the uninitiated, local SEO is a tailored solution designed to achieve maximised visibility in search results in key local areas. For businesses providing any type of service (electrician, plumber, gardener, driving school etc), we don’t believe that we are going overboard by saying that this strategy can take your business to another level or leave it lagging behind if you choose not to implement it.

Which Areas Does A Local SEO Campaign Target?Google Maps

Covering a wide variety of areas which must be targeted, a typical local SEO campaign will include amongst others:

  • The creation of an optimised GMB listing
  • Mobile friendly/first website
  • Geo-focused content
  • Online reputation management
  • Citations and NAP consistency
  • Social media campaigns
  • Local link building
  • Google LSAs (Local Services Ads) (possibly)

By placing an emphasis on the most beneficial areas of SEO, our local SEO marketing techniques can often take less time to produce effective results, therefore quickly helping to increase the levels of traffic to your website.

Footprint Web Design’s expertise in all aspects of SEO offers the chance to receive a swift and effective ROI.

  • Top of the Google’s Listings with Footprint Web Design Local SEO –Footprint Web Design and our team of SEO experts possess all of the skills needed to get your business to the top of Google’s natural listings and to appear on Google Maps & Places. These are vital if you want people locally to easily find your small business.
  • Achieving Fast Results –Google’s PPC (Pay Per Click) platform, Adwords, offers the most effective method of quickly attracting business on the internet. We will get your PPC Marketing up and running for you and have customers finding your business and services in the shortest possible period of time.
  • Social Media Interactions With Customers –Social Media for business is the fastest growing method of opening lines of communication between a small business and its customers. By allowing you to offer updates, receive feedback and get in on what your customers want – all a very low cost – social media platforms are quickly becoming one of the primary advertising methods for businesses throughout the UK.

Further Information

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