Google’s local algorithm has always been based on 3 factors:

  • Relevance
  • Prominence
  • Proximity

Whilst this may seem fairly self-explanatory, without ticking these three boxes, your business is unlikely to appear in these highly sought after slots. What do they actually mean though?

1. Relevance

To satisfy the first criteria, your business has to offer products or services which are closely linked to the terms that the person making the search is looking for. As simple as that.

2. Proximity

To satisfy the second criteria, your business needs to be located within the proximity of the person making the search. Again, as simple as that.

3. Prominence

To satisfy the third criteria, the prominence of your business will play a crucial role. Do you have other local listings (citations)? Are you gathering reviews? Do other customer experiences point towards new customers receiving a positive experience with you? If the answer to these questions is yes, they will all help to improve your prominence and therefore your chances of appearing in the local pack.

How Can We Help?

Setting up or claiming an existing listing is just the start of the process. We will make sure that you squeeze every last drop of potential from your listing.

We will do this by completing the following steps:

  • Making sure that all of the information listed on your account is accurate, relevant and verified.
  • Add images to your listing
  • Make sure there are no duplicate listings which could prove harmful in the future.
  • Submit a number of citations which will help to confirm your listing’s details in Google’s eyes.
  • We would actively seek to encourage customer reviews. For example, if you have an e-mail database for current and past customers, we will contact them on your behalf with links to your listing and a guide for the best and quickest way to leave a review.
  • Keep your listing up to date.

The benefits of having your business listed on Google Local include:

  • Google Maps listings typically appear at the top of the search results pages. Therefore they are very likely to be the first thing that people see.
  • Accessing Google Maps listings on a mobile phone or smart device will offer customers an easy way to either call your business or get directions to your location.
  • The easy access to the impartial ratings left by current and previous customers can go a long way towards giving new customers confidence in your products and services.
  • Potential customers visiting your listing are very likely to be local to your business, therefore giving you a definite advantage over businesses based further afield.

The above information is designed to offer a guide towards maximising the exposure and potential of your Google Maps listing. There are also additional factors which must be taken into consideration. If you would like Footprint Web Design to help optimise your Google Maps listing, simply give us a call today on Tel. No. +44(0)1883 372488.

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