Do you use a windows phone? If so, this blog could be a big one for you.

Later this week, in San Francisco, Microsoft is scheduled to officially unveil Windows 10 to the world. Amongst many of the new features of their patented operating system, a new virtual assistance called Cortana is set to be announced.

A number of sites are now choosing to repeat evidence highlighted on a discussion on Neowin that foresees Cortana as a central feature of the brand new Windows 10 experience.

When Cortana was originally introduced earlier this year for Windows Phones Microsoft insinuated that the virtual assistance will eventually be available across all platforms and this is still believed to be the case.

What is Exactly is Cortana?

For anyone with an iPhone, an easy comparison can be made between Cortana and Siri. In Microsoft’s own words though,

“Cortana is your personal assistant on your Windows Phone. She’s there to help make things easier for you and keep you up to date on the things that matter to you.

Whether it’s to keep you in the loop with your world or to help you manage your everyday life, Cortana is there for you.”

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Conducting a Search

Windows Phone users with the new update will be able to use Cortana to do conduct their internet searches, just as iPhone users can with Siri (using Bing).

This does of course lead to the question of whether the Bing brand will be entirely subordinated to Cortana in the new OS? However, what is certain is that the technology will of course be running in the background either way.

Beginning of the End?

Virtual assistants are widely thought to be the eventual successor to conventional search methods on mobile devices due to their ability to provide a far broader array of capabilities. As Cortana makes its/her way to the PC and PC-like tablet devices does it signal the beginning of the end of the Bing brand?

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