There’s no room for being shy when it comes to online marketing. With competitors shouting from the rooftops about how their products and services are better than the available alternatives, it’s important to ensure that you making the right noises in the right places about your business.

Below, we have identified 3 of the most important areas to project your message.

No. 1 – Use Social Media To Your Advantage

There can be no escaping the fact that Social Media plays a huge role in the lives of many people.

This fact can help to shape your online marketing strategy and we will help you push your business through all of the primary Social Media channels.

Post about your business, your services, 3rd party stories, your team, your promotions, anything related to your business is fair game and likely to be seen by lots of people.

Social Media Megaphone

No. 2 – Don’t Underestimate The Importance of Online Directories

This often comes as a surprise to many people but the importance of online directories should never be overlooked. Whilst it is unlikely that many people with access to a computer would turn to a hard copy of a directory such as the Yellow Pages, online directories are more popular than ever.

Not only does the submission of your business details offer another avenue for customers to visit your website or access your contact details, but it also offers further confirmation to the search engines that your business does everything that you claim. This can be a key factor in helping to push your website and Google Maps listing up the search rankings.

Please Note – Continuity is vitally important. Whilst Google is far more intuitive when it comes to deciphering different snippets of information, even using St and Street on different directories as part of your address can dilute the effectiveness of each citation.

No. 3 – Start Gathering Reviews – Right Now!!!

Reputation means everything for many businesses. In such a competitive world with many businesses offering similar services and competing for the same customers, the level of reviews that you receive can be the difference between a potential customer calling you and calling one of your competitors. So much is taken on trust now and if you have no previous experience with a company, being able to draw on the experiences of past customers can help to provide an insight that can make a difference.

We will help put all the pieces in place to ensure that your reputation can be used to help push you in the right direction!

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