Pavex Limited are a Surrey based company specialising in the design and construction of attractive and functional paving, driveways and patios, beautiful landscaped gardens, and fulfil varied creative and commercial needs for homes, businesses and schools.

After an initial consultation, we mutually agreed a project which was designed to:

Project Specifications

  • Create an online information service showcasing the full range of Pavex’s services
  • Build an easy to use content management system for the whole site
  • Migrate all required information across from the existing Pavex website
  • Integrate with relevant Social Media – Twitter and Facebook etc
  • Ensure the website was fully search engine optimised
  • Incorporate a downloads section for partnering business brochures
  • Add a gallery highlighting previous work
  • Establish a dedication section regarding the necessary planning permission required to complete some of our work

The Plan

Strategic Plan: The key element and main driving point for the development of this website was to ensure that the website was as user friendly as possible.  Therefore the strategy behind the site design was to place a strong emphasis on how to display the services available in a logical and well-presented fashion which would encourage further investigation by prospective customers.

Web Design & Development:  The focus was placed on designing a website that would shine a spotlight on the full range of services that Pavex provide, along with ensuring that a number of visual examples of each service were easily accessible in a gallery section.

Special attention was paid to the design of services pages, as it was of utmost importance that we found a way to display the service information correctly and in a way which best utilised the available space to creatively include text and images which would fully illustrate the full details each service offered.

Content Management System (CMS):  A customised Content Management System was created using WordPress to allow website administrators easy access to the website to make any additions or alterations whenever necessary.

The CMS has been designed to automatically update the websites sitemap ensuring that any new pages which have been created are submitted to Google to allow for the maximum optimisation opportunities.

Search Engine Optimisation: By clearly establishing Pavex’s geographical target areas along with the particular services available in each area, we utilised a combination of on-page and off-page techniques to significantly increase the search engine visibility of the website.

The Result

By integrating the existing information provided by Pavex from their previous website into the detailed plan of action, we have established an on-line solution has been individually tailored to suit the needs of Pavex.

The details provided on the website are accurate, easy to read and form a comprehensive overview of the services available.

Initial results have been hugely positive with the number of visitors coming to the website increasing on a monthly basis along with some excellent feedback from customers.


What the Client Had to Say?

“Thank you very much for all of your efforts and input for the design and creation of the site. I know I may have been a tricky customer being such a perfectionist but I am now completely satisfied and will be spreading the word on my experience with you guys.” – Paul Stannard, – Company Director – Pavex