Facebook offer a number of advertising solutions for promoting your page. 

Facebook Adverts

Promoting Your Page on Facebook

The 3 main types of Facebook advert are:

1. Marketplace Adverts. These are probably to most familiar of Facebook’s adverts, sitting in the right-hand column of your screen, to the side of your news feed. They are usually small thumbnail pictures, accompanied by a small amount of text.

2. Premium Adverts. Sometimes in the right-hand column, but more often they appear right in the middle of your news feed. They are usually much larger and can be made of either a picture or a video accompanied by text, or polls.

3. FBX (Facebook re-targeting). This is a new venture for Facebook’s advertising. It works in the same way as re-targeting works in other online ad campaigns, but, rather than just use the user’s browsing history, it also uses their movement on Facebook. I.e. people who’ve previously viewed your page, or others like it.

Premium adverts and FBX are purchased and arranged through a Facebook Account Manager, but Marketplace adverts can be paid for by card and can be set up instantly; it’s these we are going to focus on.

Using Marketplace Ads to Promote your Page

Marketplace adverts are simple, straightforward and can be tailored to specific audiences. This can be useful when trying to promote your page on Facebook and ensuring right people are clicking “Like”.

1. From your business’s Facebook page, click ‘Promote Page”

Promoting Your Page on Facebook

Promoting Your Page on Facebook

2. Select the country you would like to target.

3. Select up to 10 categories that your target audience may have expressed an interest in.

How to set up a Facebook Advert

How to set up a Facebook Advert

4. Set up your daily budget. Each click on your advert costs, on average, between 15 – 60 pence, depending upon how focused your search criteria are. As soon as your daily budget has been reached, your advert is removed until the following day.

5. Click ‘Promote Page’ and enter your payment information.

6. Click ‘Submit’ and your advert is up and ready.

That’s it!

Further Information

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