Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular method of distributing key pieces of information to prospective customers.

Not only does the addition of a blog to your website offer the perfect method of providing quick and easy updates relating to your products and services, it also opens up lines of communication with your customers whilst proving the opportunity to for other people to re-share information on your behalf (the perfect type of marketing!). In essence, effective blogging techniques can be the cost effective form of marketing that just keeps on giving.

How to choose the right topics for your blog is something of great importance (and one we will cover in a future blog of our own). However, below we have identified a number of different methodsReaching The Parts Other Blogs Cannot Reach of enhancing the reach of your blog.

  • Linking the blog to Google+: By linking the blog to Google Switch your Blogger profile to Google+to take advantage of automatic sharing, the Google+ blogging community, and upcoming features designed to help you build a following.
  • Enable Email This Post: If you use Email This Poston your blog, people will be able to forward your posts to friends. This might not have an immediate impact on your site stats, but it enables others to publicize your blog for you.
  • Turn on your site feed: When people subscribe to your site feedin their newsreaders, they’re more likely to read your posts.
  • Add the blog to Blogger’s listings. When you add your blog to Google’s listingsit shows up in Nextblog, Recently Updated, and other places. It’s like opting-in to traffic.
  • Publish regular updates:  The more you blog, the more traffic you’ll get.
  • Put your blog URL in your email signature: Think of how many forwarded emails you’ve seen in your day, and just imagine the possibilities.
  • Submit your address to blog search sites and directories: People look for blog content at Technoratievery day, are you on their list? You should be. Submit your blog’s url to Technorati, Daypop, Popdex, and any other site of that ilk you come across.
  • Be an active commenter. If you come across a blog you like, why not leave a comment? This way, others who read and are interested in your comment and click back to your profile and check out your blogs.
  • Set your blog to Send Pings: When this setting is activated, your blog will be included in various “recently updated” lists on the web as well as other blog-related services.
  • Optimise Google FeedBurner

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