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The team at Footprint Web Design specialise in bringing local customers and local businesses together. We we would like to do the same for you with our SEO Ibiza old town services.

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Why Your Business MUST Have SEO?

The reach of the internet is now truly global. However for many businesses, it is their local area which is of primary interest to them. Our services are designed to ensure that the ‘right’ visitors find your website at the ‘right’ time.

Our search engine optimisation services are perfect for:

Make sure the sun shines on your Ibiza based business with our web design services

  • Targeting people in your location
  • Long term advertising
  • Building credibility
  • Increasing the reach of your website
  • Creating brand awareness

We offer a comprehensive service designed to cover all aspects of SEO Ibiza Old Town. The very nature of SEO ensures that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution guaranteeing success. For this reason, we individually tailor all of our services to ensure the best possible results.

Our services include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Copywriting
  • Link building
  • Social Networking
  • PPC
  • + Much More

Who Are We?

How Important is Local SEO?

For many businesses and small businesses in particular, local custom is absolutely crucial for their continued success. Local SEO is designed to help maximise the online presence of any company. Looking to target defined target area? Looking to promote your services or products within a specific location? We can help.

For example, if someone typed ‘nightclub’ into Google would likely produce results from all over the Ibiza!. However, typing ‘nightclub Ibiza Old Town’ into Google is far more likely to produce a more relevant result. Not only would this prove to be highly beneficial, the results are also easier to achieve!

Discovering what your business is all about and who your clients usually are plays a critical role in the web design process and to help us fully understand what makes your business tick, we will typically look at:

  • Where people are visiting your website from (or where we believe they will come from if you do not currently have a website)
  • Decide what actions they will take once they arrive
  • Work out the best way to project your message and important information across your website.

SEO Ibiza Old Town

The thought process behind the concept of local SEO is to create a win/win scenario between the demand and the supply. By working towards establishing more relevant results, the user is more likely to make that all important click on the link to your website due to the fact that they have found exactly what they are looking for and within their location. This ensures that the business owner stands a much better chance of ranking within the top few places because the volume of “competing websites” is likely to be lower.

How Can Local SEO Services Help My Business?

Reports vary but a conservative estimation would state that approximately 60% of all clicks on Google search results focus on the top 5 results displayed. By tapping into this huge number of potential customers the increased relevancy of the results displayed will give your company an excellent chance to turn a website visitor into a paying customer because the increased visibility of  your website, an associated increase in traffic can be expected and therefore an increase of sales should follow.

For a variety of reasons, customers often prefer to deal with businesses which are based in their local vicinity. By focusing their online efforts on trying to identify the providers of services or products from local providers, the search results returned are far more likely to be relevant.

If, for example, someone happens to require the services of a Ibiza Old Town based electrician, simply searching for the word ‘electrician’ is highly unlikely to generate useful results. An electrician based in Manchester is highly unlikely to be able to fulfil any bookings made in Ibiza Old Town, whereas narrowing the search down to ‘electrician Ibiza Old Town will provide far more appropriate returns.

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Where Are We Based?

We cover the Ibiza and specialise in local businesses, the following areas are the ones we focus on, though if you’re in need of our services and your business is based outside these areas we are still happy and able to work with you. Footprint Web Design is a SEO company Ibiza wide.

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