It is no longer necessary to take out a full page colour ad in your local paper or look to dated marketing methods such as ‘leaflet drops’ to let potential customers know that you are open for business.

Footprint Web Design have a proven track record for helping our customers achieve the rankings they need to forge ahead of their competitors in their local markets

With a specifically tailored, location based online marketing campaign, you can put yourself firmly on your local area business map.

Targeting the ‘Right’ Customers

For many small businesses, the ability to grow and be successful is linked strongly with their ability to target customers based within their local area. Landscape gardeners, plumbers, driving instructors, car rental services etc are just a few of the businesses which will live or die based on the success of their local area marketing.

Need a little more convincing? According to Google, up to 97% of all consumers are now known to search for local businesses online*.

With statistics like that, can you afford not to market yourself to the right customers online?

How Do We Do This?

Understanding the local environment of a business is of paramount importance to any successful marketing campaign and at Footprint Web Design, we pride ourselves on our extensive local knowledge.

By utilising a specific method of online marketing called local SEO, we can directly target the people in and around the area where your business is located.

Our success rate is absolutely tremendous and to prove this, you simply need to search for any of the following terms, amongst many others, to see some of the clients that we represent.

  • SEO Oxted
  • Web Design Oxted
  • Wedding Dresses Warlingham
  • Driving School Surrey
  • Landscaping Westerham
  • Wedding Venue Dormansland
  • Boiler Installation Battersea
  • Antique Jewellery Kettering
  • Builders Oxted
  • Driving Lessons Surrey
  • Hedge Cutting Oxted
  • Boiler Servicing Fulham
  • Tree Surgeons Oxted
  • Taxis Warlingham
  • Pre-Owned Jewellery Northampton
  • Driving Instructors Surrey
  • Boiler Repair Chelsea
  • Skip Hire Edenbridge
  • Watch Repair Shop Towcester
  • Wedding Venue Oxted
  • Mobile Car Repairs Woldingham
  • Office Removals Oxted
  • House Removals Oxted
  • Roof Repairs Oxted
  • Property Northern Cyprus

Targeting the ‘Right’ Areas with Local SEO

Whilst many SEO companies try to over-complicate things by targeting keywords which may sound great initially but are not really viable, we want to help market your business in the ‘right’ areas.

By specialising in local SEO techniques, we are able to remove the guesswork from our marketing efforts. Whilst some of the more ‘old school’ marketing methods such as leaflet drops or newspaper adverts can be hit or miss at best, local SEO reaches local customers at the moment they are looking to use your services.

Taking Luck Out of the Equation

One of the most important aspects of local SEO is just how cost effective it is. Unlike other options such as PPC (Pay Per Click), local SEO strategies are designed to stand the test of time.

Whilst many marketing methods rely just a little too much on luck, achieving excellent rankings for the right keywords will ensure that your business is visible at a time when your customers are actively searching for your products and services.

For example if you are a driving instructor in Egham, taking out an advert in the paper may catch someone’s eye but will very likely be quickly forgotten. However, if your prospective client has decided that now is the time to start their lessons and completes an online search for ‘driving lessons Egham’, it is essential that your business appears on the first page.

Want to Know More

Would you like more information about how our local SEO services can be used to help promote your business in a cost effective manner? Simply give us a call on Tel. No. 01883 372488 and we will be happy to run through your options.

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