Changes to Facebook’s algorithm now mean that not everyone who follows your page is likely to see all of your updates. This makes it even more unlikely that people who do not follow your page will!

A viable option to break through the glass ceiling does exist though in the form of Facebook’s boosted post facility. Whilst this is, unfortunately, a paid option, as opposed to Google Adwords which still requires people to search for relevant terms before your Ads can appear, boosted posts are pushed onto the timeline of people who fall into your target demographics and therefore offers a pro-active and effective way to target new customers.

Whether you want to target gender, interests, locations, a combination of the three or something completely different, boosted posts will ensure that your chosen post will be seen by a significant number of people who are unlikely to have seen it otherwise.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Boosted Post?

  • Make up for a reduced organic reach. Facebook is on record acknowledging that the organic reach for posts from businesses is decline. Facebook boosted posts offer the chance to overcome that shift.
  • Reach a wider, targeted audience. With Facebook boosts, you can target whichever demographic you choose and the visibility of your posts will no longer be limited to already subscribe to your page.
  • Easy to use. The simplified process of boosting posts ensures that you can quickly have posts boosted and live within moments
  • Access to analytics. Facebook Insights will allow you to access a detailed summary of the performance of your boosted posts.

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