Few people predicted the speed at which Instagram would grow when it was launched back in 2010. With users flocking to the platform almost instantly, it came as no surprise to see a bigger fish (Facebook) swoop in a purchase this rapidly expanding platform just 2 years later.

An app which is continually evolving, Instagram isn’t suited to all businesses but the question you must ask yourself is ‘would Instagram benefit my business?’

To help you make this decision, we have identified 4 of the key facts and reasons that you must consider.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Instagram?

No. 1 – Smartphones Have Never Been More Popular

More people now view the internet through their smartphone/tablet than any other method. With the most recent figures showing that at least 66% of all UK adults now own and use a smartphone, tapping into this huge number of people can be crucial for any business with a visual aspect that they would like to publicise.

The way in which we access the internet has changed drastically in the space of 4 years. Today it’s estimated that 7 in 10 people in the UK have smartphones. With the continued growth of the smartphone market (and Instagram) businesses need to be engaging with these audiences.

No. 2 – You Can’t Argue With These Numbers

Instagram’s user base has doubled to over 700 million users* over the past 2 years alone!! With a core demographic of users aged 30 or under, if your target customer base falls within this age range, Instagram could be perfect for you.

Top Tip – Are you a driving school? Your target demographic could be at the very centre of Instagram’s user base.

No. 3 – Wide-Ranging Benefits (including SEO!)

Although it may not be possible to include links back to your website in your posts, you can include links in your bio and this can play an important role in extending your reach across the internet.

Please Note – Because Instagram is visual with a core audience of under the age of 30, it is much better suited to b2c rather than the b2b market.

No. 4 – Instagram Is Still Growing

Whilst the growth of some of the Social Media behemoths is beginning to slow, Instagram is still growing from strength to strength.

As mentioned above, with a user base that has doubled in size over the past 2 years, ignoring this platform could be a huge mistake.

So is Instagram Right for Your Business?

The key factor for your decision-making process is whether your target audience fits Instagram’s demographic.

If you have a visually friendly business, Instagram could be just the marketing tool that you have been looking for.

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