By now, even if you haven’t already signed up, there’s a great chance that you have at least heard of Vero. A new social networking app which has promised to be “less media, more social”, it really has come out of nowhere.

What Actually Is Vero?

Vero has actually been around for approximately 3 years but thanks to a huge push last weekend, has doubled its number of users to nearly 1 million in just a few days.

Vero is a phone based app which is essentially trying to provide a cross between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify but with one major difference. Vero states that it does not manipulate or curate the feed of its users. Instead posts are sorted chronologically, instead of via algorithms.

This has proven to be a major attraction for many people who have become increasingly frustrated by recent changes to Instagram and Facebook’s recent algorithm changes.

Whilst the jury is out on the potential for business use, a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it – and would like control over who they share it with, definitely sounds appealing.

How To Sign Up?

Available as a downloadable app from both the Apple & Google stores, installing Vero to your phone is a simple process. Simply search for ‘Vero’, download the app and follow the instructions. You will need to link the app to either your phone or e-mail address in order to receive a verification code but the process only takes a couple of minutes.

Please Note – At the time of writing the app is currently free to download on the App Stores but the plan is to introduce an annual subscription fee at some point.

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