Have you found that a product or service that you have looked at on the internet previously seems to be following you around the internet? For example, a shirt that you have been thinking of buying keeps appearing on another site, or a holiday that you have just been looking at keeps popping up on Facebook?

Thanks to an ingenious bit of technology both Google and Facebook offer the ideal way to keep your products and services in the minds of people who have visited your website. This is known as remarketing.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Facebook offers the ideal way to automatically show the right products/services to people who have already expressed interest on your website, in your app or elsewhere on the Internet. This process has been designed to continue working for you for as long as you want – finding the correct people for each product and always using up-to-date pricing and availability.

Introducing The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel (and Google Analytics) is the crucial bit of coding that will allow you to reach your customers and contacts on Facebook.
The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions that people take on your website.
You can use the pixel to:

  • Make sure that your ads are shown to the right people. Find new customers or people who have visited a specific page or taken a desired action on your website.
  • Drive more sales. Set up automatic bidding to reach people who are more likely to take an action that you care about, such as making a purchase.
  • Measure the results of your ads. Better understand the impact of your ads by measuring what happened as a direct result.

Once you’ve set up the Facebook pixel, the pixel will fire when someone takes an action on your website. Examples of actions include adding an item to their shopping basket or making a purchase. The pixel receives these actions, or “events”, which you can view on your Facebook pixel page in Events Manager.

From there, you’ll be able to see the actions that your customers take and have options to reach those customers again through future Facebook ads.

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Further Information

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