It was not too long ago that your options for letting customers know how to find you were fairly simple. A combination of making sure that you were in the phone directory and taking out an add in the local newspaper every now and again, along with word of mouth advertising was all that it needed to ensure that your local customers knew all about you.

Today however, small business owners are faced with a completely revolutionised marketplace with stiff competition and customers who do not have the time or effort needed to go hunting to find the services or products that you business offers. Therefore if you want to make sure that customers find you regularly, the ability get your name in front of them as easily and cheaply as possible is absolutely essential.

The Wonder of Google +

It is perhaps little surprise that Google want us to use their social media platform above all others and as such business owners need to prioritise the creation of their Google Webmaster Toolsbusiness profile.

You can set up a Google Plus business profile yourself for FREE, and once your account goes live, not only will potential customers be able to find your account when using Google +, they will also be able to find you when using when using Google Maps and of course Google Search, regardless of the device they are using to search the net.

As well as being free to set up, the best news about creating a Google + profile for you business is the fact that it is quick and easy to set up.

By following these steps, you will be able to create your account in double quick time.

How to Set Up Your Google + Business Profile

  1. The 1st step towards creating create a Google Plus page, you must first have a personal profile (create yours by clicking here). From your profile you can click “Pages” in the left-hand menu, and you’re on your way.
  2. The 2nd step involves choosing a category that defines your business. If you’re a location-based business, like a restaurant or clothing shop, you’ll likely select “local business or store.” Entering your phone number will allow Google to find your business, confirm the information you enter is correct, and find your location on Google maps. Enter your external website, select who your content is appropriate for, review Google Plus terms and select continue. You now have a Google Plus page.
  3. The 3rd step to create a Google Plus page involves filling out your page to make it informative for followers (and potential customers). This includes describing your business, entering contact information like an email address and phone number, as well as choosing a branded profile photo (often a company’s logo).
  4. The 4th and final step involves putting a little bit of extra effort into making sure that you page is visually appealing. Add appropriate branding, from a captivating cover photo to interesting photos and videos that show what you’re all about. Also, include external links to your other web properties (website, Pinterest page, Tumblr, etc.) to help your Google search placement.

Taking Things To Another Level

Once your account has been created and verified with Google (they will usually send a postcard with a verification number to your business address), you will be ideally positioned to take full advantage of the all the features and tools which are available through G+.

Make sure that you promote your Google + profile by having a visible link to it from your website, include it within your e-mail signature, etc. It’s important to remember that just because it is easier to for people to find you because of your profile, does not mean that it will promote itself.

Some Tips To Engage

If you can find the time, try to engage with people. By adding people to your circles and following them, there is every chance that they will follow you back and then the channels of conversation will be open. Ultimately, this is the goal of all social media marketing – to create relationships and connections to build a loyal base of customers.

You can treat Google + like a blog, or alternatively, use it to direct people towards your existing blog. Make it worth their while to connect with you by giving them information they want.

Further Information

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