Some things can comfortably be tackled by DIY experts, websites are not one of these areas!

Whilst some tasks can comfortably be completed by people without huge amounts of experience, web design is not one of those tasks. Whilst Wix, 1 to 1 and other companies have done a wonderful job trying to portray how easy it is to construct a website, the reality of the situation isn’t always quite so easy.

Our team of professional web designers have the required skills set to plan, design and implement a site that meets your expectations. They ensure that it is compatible with multiple browsers, less glitchy and adaptable to different screen sizes. A good site also loads faster minimising inconvenience for visitors, thus enhancing user experience. Slow sites can lead to loss of business as prospective customers turn to other companies. It takes a few seconds for visitors to evaluate a site and decide to leave.

Leaving your website to a professional web designer (such as us!) offers 3 key benefits.

  1. Improved search engine rankings – Good website layout and overall design, which incorporates key search engine optimisation (SEO) elements boost rankings. Professional web designers implement crawlable link structures, incorporate keywords in menu buttons and more. These techniques are a sure-fire way to boost visibility and traffic.
  2. Saves time and boosts earnings – Hiring an experienced designer helps create beautiful, functional sites in addition to saving time and boosting income. Companies can focus on other business operational issues and let the designer handle development and site maintenance tasks. On the other hand, optimal site performance boosts the company’s bottom line by attracting new clients and improving customer service.
  3. Easy navigation creates a positive user experience – A good site is easy to navigate and does not confuse visitors by overloading the pages with visual elements. Font size also plays a crucial role in this regard. Smaller fonts that are barely visible undermine navigation and ultimately the user experience. Professional web designers ensure that navigation is consistent on all pages.

Creating Responsive Designs

A website design solution with simplified code makes it easier to identify bugs that cause glitches. Use of definitions and CSS properties has the capacity to shorten stylesheets. Responsive design is another key aspect that enables sites to adapt to varying screen sizes.

It comes with several benefits, including:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Improved search engine optimisation
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Seamless user experience on all devices, including smart-phone, tablets and desktop
  • Boosts sales on mobile devices offers professional web design services that can help you create a fully functional, custom website. Whether you want to maintain an existing site or create a new platform, we have the expertise to handle your project quickly and affordably.

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