If you are looking for a form of marketing which offers outstanding ROI, e-mail marketing could be just what you are looking for.

With marketers are under increasing amounts of pressure to find ways of contacting a growing number of people without tying up significant resources, turning to e-mail may offer the easiest and most convenient way of sending personalised marketing campaigns while remaining on budget.

No. 1 – Highly Targeted Marketing

Placing an advertisement on television, in a magazine/newspaper, or on the radio has no guarantee that your target audience will actually see or hear it.

However, using by using e-mail, we have the ability to control who sees the email because we can target a specific audience based on demographics, lead status, location, or other data.

This method ensures that customers receive content that has been specifically suited to their needs.

No. 2 – Increased Reach

Did you know that there are currently an estimated 3.7 billion email accounts in use across the globe?*

This is not to say that they are all prospective customers but with numbers like this, can you really afford to ignore them?

Today, most of the people logged on to the Internet require an active e-mail address. Suffice to say that when it comes to reaching prospective customers, email can be a highly effective channel to use.

No. 3 – Extremely Cost-Effective Method of Marketing

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency are perhaps one of the most appealing advantages of e-mail marketing. There are no print costs, advertising rates, or postage fees.

According to figures released by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing returns outperform display, search, and social marketing**

No. 4 – Helps to Create Brand Awareness

Every email sent exposes customers to your brand and business. With a smart design, targeted content, and strategic planning, the business will steadily build value. Emails stand a better chance of creating impact with customers.

This means that when they are in need of your products or services, they will turn to your business to provide value.

No. 5 – Emails are Easily Sharable

Emails are easy to share because they have a forward function. Therefore, it is easier to click forward than it is to spend time explaining a product’s television advert. Customers and subscribers share email marketing messages with friends, acquaintances, and other loved ones. This creates brand exposure and credibility.

With proper guidance, a strong message, and a strategic approach, any business is assured of numerous benefits from email marketing.

Further Information

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