Many times we are asked the question ‘so how does this work?’ or ‘what do we do next in order to get a web site built?’ and it is our job to ensure that the entire web design process is as transparent as possible. From the first stage until the last, we will talk you through each stage of the site build and always get your approval on the designs we create and pages we make, this will ensure that have no nasty surprises waiting for you at the end.

Over the years we have seen the web evolve and have noticed the constant change in client’s expectations. We don’t believe in producing ‘paint by numbers’ websites and as such all of our designs are bespoke which have are developed to deliver solutions which specifically meet the needs of each individual client.

Once the web design process is complete and your website is ready to be published online, it is of the utmost importance that your potential customers can find it! Regardless of how good your website looks, a website that is not visible to its target audience is not doing its job properly. Our search engine optimisation packages ensure that all our of our designs incorporate the basic elements of online marketing and include all of the relevant information needed to ensure that search engines such as Google, can find your website.