Does your website have an FAQ page? If not, it’s something that you should strongly consider as your FAQ page is an important element of your website and not an area that should be overlooked.

Below, we have created a list of 5 of the most important ways that a dedicated FAQ section can positively influence your website.

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No. 1 – FAQ Pages Will Improve Onsite User Experience

A common mistake made by companies is to assume that potential customers know as much about the available products and services as they do. Regardless of how well structured your website is, providing a quick and easy way to push people towards commonly asked questions and then providing answers gives visitors a central reference point highlighting lots of key information.

No. 2 – FAQ Pages Offer Organic Search Benefits

FAQ pages do not have to be limited to questions and answers about your company. General questions about your industry are certainly appropriate to include and by targeting as many different areas as possible, you have the opportunity to draw people to your website through Google’s search results who may not even have been aware of your company.

With changes to searching technology, Siri, Alexa etc, the addition an FAQ page to your website also offers a way to tap into voice search results as these tend to be longer and phrased in a more natural, conversational style. An FAQ page offers a natural fit for answers to long-tail questions.

No. 3 – FAQ Pages Can Be Selected By Google as Featured Snippets.

Have you ever noticed when searching for something on Google, page 1 of the results sometimes shows one result that stands out from the rest in the form of a box of text that appears at the top of organic search results right at the top of the page? These are called featured snippets and click-throughs on these results tend to be much higher than other search results on the page.

No. 4 – FAQ Pages Can Trigger Lots Of New Content

By their nature, FAQ pages bring a high value of content on your website. If they are relevant and informative, they offer value to your customers and can be expanded upon at any point to provide new articles for blogs, posts etc in the future.t

No. 5 – FAQ Pages Offer A Pre-Emptive Way To Address Customer Service

We live in an impatient world and if there is a way to address issues and answers questions in the quickest and easiest way possible, this has to be worth exploring. Lines of engagement are opened up immediately and by combining your FAQ section with a ‘Live Chat’ option, the ability to answer any follow-up questions will be available.

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