Would you like to ensure visitors to your website have the best possible experience? We’re pretty sure that you would!

Websites offer the ability to make life easier in so many ways for almost any business. However, a poorly designed or constructed website is destined to provide a frustrating rather than enlightening experience for anyone visiting it..

Below we have identified 5 of the most common mistakes made by web designers throughout the world. The good news is though that any Footprint Web Design customer will certainly not receive a finished website which falls foul of any of the following mistakes!!

5 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

No. 1 – Too Difficult To Read

The most innovative websites are nearly always very easy on the eye. No matter how informative you may believe your website is, if visitors cannot read the text when they arrive it is highly unlikely to be helpful!

Some web designs incorporate the most unusual font styles and sizes making reading a pain. Don’t make this mistake with yours, we certainly won’t.

No. 2 – A Poorly Organised Website

Do you read every word on a page or scan for useful information? The majority of people choose to scan so make sure that your website is organised accordingly.

Whilst some (poor) designers just put a block of text on the web page, always make sure that you do not neglect headings, sub-headings, bullets, keywords, paragraphs, etc wherever needed.

No. 3 – Ineffective Website Navigation

Following hot on the heals of number 2, effective navigation simply cannot be more important within a website. Users simply MUST be able to find their way around easily if they are likely to spend any length of time on your website.

No. 4 – Using an Unfriendly Screen Resolution

This one is thankfully a little more uncommon now but the days of visiting a website only to find that we have to scroll horizontally to view all of the content are sadly still not completely behind us.

This is an absolute no-no in modern web design. A good designer will develop websites that fit on most screen sizes.

No. 5 – Over Complicated Forms

Registration forms can be tricky but ask yourself, how much information do you actually need from your customer?

Only make registration fields mandatory if they have to be. Name, e-mail address, phone number on enquiry fields will nearly always be enough.

Further Information

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