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As the leading providers of SEO Horsham, we believe it is our job to ensure that our customers make the most from their websites.

By now you’ll understand just how important SEO is to your online presence – but how can you ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your website at the top of the rankings?

There are a few common errors that people make when it comes to SEO Horsham. They may not seem like much, but, if you can give each of them a little bit of attention, you’ll make sure that you’re dotting all the “i”s and crossing the “t”s – this sort of detailed thinking can make a huge difference to your SEO.

Location, Location, Location

Around 1 in 3 searches on Google are focused on a place or location and this number is even greater when considering searches from mobile devices – SEO Horshamnearly a third of all searches carried out.  In order for small businesses to reach their target audiences, they must ensure that they are ranking high in these local searches.  There are several strategies for targeting local search, including:

  • Listing your business in the relevant industry and geographical directories/listings
  • Creating keywords that combine your company with your physical location (e.g. “plumbers” and “Horsham”)
  • Optimising your company’s website for mobile

Overlooking Social Media

A lack of time and resource are often the things that small businesses suffer from the most. Because of this, managing Social Media accounts is sometimes considered a bit of a waste of time.   Even worse, small companies will set up their accounts, then ignore them, leaving a trail of empty, outdated profiles.

In fact, posting on a variety of social media accounts will afford your business a wealth of opportunity for ranking.  Not only are social media channels great opportunities for businesses to put out quality content, but links from social media channels are growing increasingly more important to search engine websites.

Unsure which social media channel is right for you?  See where your competitors are online, and more importantly, where your customers are.  Start with just one profile on the channel that is most applicable to your company, such as LinkedIn or Facebook.  Refresh the content often, build quality links, and as you get more comfortable, add on channels as needed.

Posting New Content

It can be difficult for small businesses to find the time to update the content on their website.  However, consistent, fresh content positively increases organic search rankings as well as user experience, which is increasingly important to search engines’ ranking factors.  Two of the easiest ways you can consistently publish new, quality content are:

  • Create a blog for your business – Many companies will start one, but as deadlines and other work crops up, the posting and maintenance will fizzle out. Commit to posting content relevant to your industry or company twice a week.  Involve co-workers, interns, and if the budget allows for it, freelance writers to help.
  • Create a news feed on your company website – Regular updates with events or news, anything that is relevant to your business and industry, and that organically uses your keywords to help boost search rankings.

Why Choose SEO?

With an estimated 1 TRILLION searches per year on Google, tapping into this market is essential for any business.

Whilst Google will always be our primary area of focus, it is important not to discount Bing and Yahoo as they are still popular with people in the UK.

All of our SEO Horsham services are designed to promote your business across all search engines and by helping your business to rank well for terms relating to your products, services and area resulting in an increased number of visitors to your website.

Please Note – If your business is not ranking on Google’s first page, the stats show that you are not going to get too many clicks. That’s why we do our utmost to get your website into a positive position at the earliest possible stage with the potential to improve over time.

Breaking Down Our SEO Services

Our SEO Horsham process has been refined over the years and can be broken down into a number of distinct sections.

  • Keyword Research: This research involves using a number of different platforms to identify the most beneficial key terms to target with the goal of driving visitors to your website.
  • On-site optimisation: We will optimise your website to ensure that all relevant META titles and descriptions, along with headings and other coding to ensure that Google can read your website as easily as possible.
  • Quality Content: There can be no escaping the fact that the addition of quality content to your website is absolutely essential. Through the addition of blogs and location based pages, we will ensure that your website is filled with engaging content.
  • Link Building: Whilst obtaining backlinks can be a risky proposition (when done incorrectly), it is still a crucial aspect of any SEO campaign. The Footprint Web Design team use legitimate and natural techniques to improve the performance and rankings of your website.
  • Website Monitoring: Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and SERPS are used on a constant basis to monitor the performance of all websites.
  • Long Term Strategies: Whilst we understand that everyone wants to achieve the best possible results as quickly as possible, we approach all SEO campaigns with a long term view in mind. We not only want to achieve great results for you, but we also want to achieve great results that last!

SEO – An Ongoing Commitment

A successful SEO Horsham strategy is a commitment – your work is not finished just because you’ve researched keywords and optimised your website.  Those tactics are the best first step to launch a small business’s SEO campaign, but from there, it is a recurrent process to generate content and build links to your content and site.  While it might seem daunting, keeping up with your SEO commitment means your company will have increased visibility, more website traffic – and more customers.

Our SEO services are available to clients based throughout all areas of Sussex including but not limited to East Grinstead, Hammerwood, Horsham, East Sussex, West Sussex, Royal Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge.

How Was Your Experience?

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