Are you looking for a way to brighten up your blogs? No matter how interesting your content may be, finding a way to add something a little different to help break up the text and provide a different way to promote your message can make all the difference.

Thanks to WordPress, the ability to embed a YouTube video into you blog could now simply not be easier.

Embedding a Single Video

All you need to do to be able to quickly embed a YouTube video onto a page or blog is simply to copy the video’s URL from your web browser’s address bar while viewing the video:


Once you have done this, you just have to paste it on a line by itself in your post/page editor (important note – please ensure that it is not hyperlinked):

Once you have done this YouTube will take care of the rest! Just like we said, it could not be easier!

(important note – please remember that for the video to remain live on your page/post it must remain live on YouTube. If the poster removes the video from YouTube, the URL that you have used will cease to work.)

Can I Change the Dimension of the Video?

You even have the option of changing the default size of the video if you wish, although you need to do something a little different to do this.

Rather than copying and pasting the URL of the video that you are watching on YouTube, instead look a little further down the screen (just below the video itself) and click on the ‘share’ option.

This will automatically generate a couple of lines of code and by opting for the ‘custom size’ option and choosing your required dimensions will update the code accordingly.

All you need to do then is copy all of the code contained within the ‘embed’ box (as highlighted below) and then paste this into the code option of the page rather than directly onto the page itself.


Can I Embed a Number of Videos?

You certainly can, WordPress offers the ability to You can also embed a YouTube playlist instead of a single video. Simply copy the playlist’s URL from your web browser’s address bar while viewing the playlist:


Be sure to copy the full URL, including &list=… at the end. That copies the entire playlist instead of a single video.

Then, paste it on a line by itself in the post/page editor (to embed with a URL).

(important note – be sure to replace the URL listed here with the URL of your video, and the code is on a line by itself).

Once you have followed the steps above, your playlist will look something like this:

Further Information

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