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If your website plays an important role for your business (or you would like it to), the implementation of an effective SEO strategy is absolutely essential to help maximise its potential. At Footprint Web Design, we offer the premier level of SEO Dorking services, designed to help drive as many customers to your website as possible.

The Importance of SEO

Approximately 33% of all Google searches are focused on a place or location and this number is even greater when considering searches from mobile devices – nearly 40% of all searches carried out.

In order for small businesses to reach their target audiences, they must ensure that they are ranking high in these local searches and this is where our SEO Dorking services come into their own.

There are several strategies for targeting local search, including:

  • Listing your business in the relevant industry and geographical directories/listings
  • Creating keywords that combine your company with your physical location (e.g. “plumbers” and “Surrey”)
  • Optimising your company’s website for mobile

Factoring in Social Media

A lack of time and resource are often the things that small businesses suffer from the most. Because of this, managing Social Media accounts is sometimes considered a bit of a waste of time. However, with our SEO Dorking services, we are here to set up and manage your services for you.

Not only does posting on a variety of social media accounts provide an excellent opportunity to help enhance your businesses online exposure, social media channels great opportunities for businesses to put out quality content, but links from social media channels are growing increasingly more important to search engine websites.

Unsure which social media channel is right for you?  We will analyse the areas that your competitors are focusing and more importantly, where your customers are.  Starting with just the basic profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, we have the ability to create up to 50 different social media accounts for your business.

Posting New Content

It can be difficult for small businesses to find the time to update the content on their website and this is another area where our SEO Dorking services come into their own..  However, consistent, fresh content positively increases organic search rankings as well as user experience, which is increasingly important to search engines’ ranking factors.  Two of the easiest ways you can consistently publish new, quality content are:

  • Creating a blog for your business – Many companies will start one, but as deadlines and other work crop up, the posting and maintenance will fizzle out. Commit to posting content relevant to your industry or company twice a week.  Involve co-workers, interns, and if the budget allows for it, freelance writers to help.
  • Create a news feed on your company website, and update it frequently with events or news, anything that is relevant to your business and industry, and that organically uses your keywords to help boost search rankings.

Long Term Benefits

Whilst some companies offer ‘quick fixes’, these types of strategies are destined to cause long term harm to your website and should be avoided at all costs. The implementation of a successful SEO strategy is a long term commitment which will offer long term benefits.

Whilst it might seem daunting, keeping up with your SEO commitment means your company will have increased visibility, more website traffic – and more customers.

For more on the SEO Dorking services that we have available, please check out the dedicated area on our website by clicking on the following link –

Our SEO services are available to clients based throughout all areas of Surrey including but not limited to Bletchingley, Caterham, Crawley, Crowhurst, Dorking, Dormansland, Epsom, Felbridge, Godalming, Godstone, Guildford, Horley, Leatherhead, Limpsfield, Limpsfield Chart, Lingfield, Merstham, Newchapel, Nutfield, Oxted, Purley, Redhill, Sutton, Tadworth, Tanbridge, Warlingham and Woldingham.

How Was Your Experience?

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Further Information

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