Hands up if this story sounds like a familiar one. You’re caught in the perfect storm of being as far away as possible from a phone charger, with your battery level dropping below 10% and an important phone call on the way at some point!

For all the wonders of iPhones (they are great aren’t they!), all of the good ideas seem to have been exhausted before they came to designing a battery that lasted as long as possible.

To try and help you prolong the life of your iPhone battery we have decided to draw up our list of 3 top tips to help squeeze every last drop of juice from your battery.

Follow these steps to make sure that the next time you think up the wittiest Facebook comment ever or take the perfect picture, your efforts to share it with the world is iphone5_ios7not thwarted by a duff battery!

Tip No. 1 – Check Your Settings

If your battery is on a mission to lose its power from the moment it is fully charged, there are a few changes that you can make to delay the inevitable for a little while longer.

If you are not using your phone or are out and about try the following:

  • Turn off Your Wi-Fi – This way your iPhone will preserve precious battery life because it will not constantly be searching for a Wi-Fi signal that’s not there.
  • Turn off Siri – Siri puts a surprisingly big strain on your battery. If you don’t use it regularly, turn it off to save some juice.
  • Turn off Auto Application Updates – This may be a bit of a pain to do this manually but auto updates can drain your battery at just the wrong time!
  • Turn Your Brightness Down! – Few things drain your phone’s battery more than having the brightness cranked right up. We’re not suggesting that you should keep it so low you can barely see it but you may be surprised how much longer your battery lasts when you turn the brightness down a little.

2. Use an Official Apple Charger

Don’t get cheap when it comes to your phone charger. We appreciate the official Apple chargers are more expensive than some of their knocked off counterparts but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Real bona fide Apple iPhone chargers will charge your phone faster than fake ones. Not to mention the fact that they are safer. There have even been reports previously regarding people being injured by fake iPhone chargers.

3. Grab an External Battery

This may seem like a little bit of a cop-out but if your iPhone just refuses to hold a charge no matter what your try to do, one of the best options is to buy an external battery to keep it going all day.